Scared of sex

Hi there,
Anyone scared to have sex after all this? I haven’t had sex since my smear came back abnormal in June so 5 months. I had my lletz 8 weeks ago and I’m all healed but I’m so scared it will hurt or make me bleed. Anyone had this worry? I feel so sorry for my partner but he’s been fantastic through all this and hasn’t pressured me at all. X

It definitely put me off. Not just the healing bit but the thought of hpv and sex causing all this, I just wanted to protect my poor cervix from anymore harm after all its been tbrough. It has got a bit better over time but not where I was before. But just take it easy, I don't think it hurt the first time after and its good you've given it plenty of time to heal x

Thankyou Libby123 glad to know it doesn't always hurt, im also scared about how it would effect my removed hpv but have heard I can't stop it I have it forever no matter if i used condoms or not. I have also completely avoided alcohol as my dr said its not good. I think I'll end up a nun after this haha. X

I am waiting to have my leep tomorrow.  I've had sex twice since colposcopy.  Both times all I could think about was cancer and spotting and HPV and just generally feeling completely unsexy.  my fiancé wasn't being pressure-y at all but I'd be lying if I said I did it for any other reason than that we're going to go a long time without it after the leep, and I feel guilty (I know this is silly).  

My top 3 fears listed in order:

1) Not being able to carry my own kids (I feel like this should be secondary to cancer, but it's definitely no. 1 for me)

2) Cancer

3) Never wanting to have sex again.  I think it might be something that eventually I'll have to train myself to like again.  I don't think people should have sex if they don't want to.  But I also think there's something to be said for the "fake it till you make it" mentality.  I think eventuallyi will just decide to have sex not because I want to, but because I want to want to.  And that if I do that enough ill overcome the fear and anxiety and remember how awesome it is and the desire will come back.  I hope that's the way it works at least. But in the meantime I'm definitely ok not having sex for a good long while as I get through all this.  


First time post for me.  .. had cervical boipsys done 4 week ago.. haven't felt the same down there since. I recoil if partner touches me as am petrified it will hurt . Haven't even had guts to see if it hurts to touch myself(tmi) sorry.. 

Had 4 children and wasn't this nervy after birth. 

I feel the not knowing results is making me worse. All I think about is cancer.  Fkn hate that beast. It gripped the three most important ladies in my life within three consecutive gran .breast mum breast and sadly lost aunt at 39 to secondary spinal tumor  so am so freaked out by all this. 

Had abnormal cells 9 years ago but never offered biopsy or colposcopy. Now have abnormal cells waiting.. is horrendous .

Much love to all u lovely brave men and women out there xxxxx