Scared of results post coloscopy


Just beside my self with worry really. Missed a smear completely by mistake but blaming myself now that I should have realised been 6years since my last

Had a colposcopy last week and just waiting results, had a previous one that diagnosed Cin3 but it also found CGIN so had to go back for more Lletz treatment as there wasn't enough to test the first sample or something.

Not been feeling well for years (nausea, general not 100%) but not all the time, always put it down to mild depression and overthinking too much, never really thought of it as been serious. 

In october though I started to get pain in the left of my lower back and a dead leg after kayaking that went numb and has been since but only to touch, feels fine walking, can only tell when I'm shaving my legs, recently the pain has also gone to the right side of my back and I get pain in my legs, feels like the bone at top of my thigh and pain in my groin area.

Anyone else had the same symptoms? I'm certain it is cancer, scared it's going to come back as stage 4. I can't sleep or eat atm for worry. Just got to wait another weekish for results


Your pain/dead leg seems to be connected to kayaking so maybe you need to get checked out by a physiotherapist for that?  Generally not feeling a 100% could be down to many things and is maybe  worthy of a GP appointment.  The most common symptoms of cervical cancer are abnormal discharge and abnormal bleeding: bleeding between periods, bleeding after sex and post-menopausal bleeding.  

I can understand having an abnormal smear is somewhat scarey especially if you've had a history of cell abnormalities and have not kept up to date with smears.  However, it's good that you are back on track with your screening; it could have been a lot worse than 6 years - see my back story.  Hopefully you will get your results soon; in the meantime keeping busy can be a good way of taking the mind off things

Hope all goes well.



Any news? I go for a Leep soon and every single pain freaks me out and I worry about CC