scared of recieving results any day

Hi all Hope you are well

I had a loop biopsy to remove cin1 & 2 that was found at my first smear test (had a colposcopy then treatment)

I had the biopsy 5 weeks ago tomorrow and have heard nothing.

I was going to call last week but i couldnt bring myself to call incase they gave me bad news silly hey! 

Does anyone know if say something worse was found would the doctor call or would thy still put it in a letter? 

Im terrified to open my post when i get any! 



Hi Hana, I recently had a loop done for abnormal cells on my first smear. The consultant told me he would write to me in 2-3 weeks. I was fine until the end of the second week when I knew my results would be in the post and arriving any day. I would feel anxious every time I saw the postman!! I cant say whether bad news would be in a letter or a phone call but i just wanted to say I've been there and I know how frightening it is. When I got my letter I picked it up and saw it had 2nd class Mail on. I thought well it can't be that serious if they are sending it 2nd class!! I wasn't told what CIN I had but at colposcopy the consultant said high grade with CGIN changes But he didn't think it was cancer. My letter said 'a mild abnormality with no evidence of cancer' and a follow up in 6 months! I was so relieved and really felt like I'd worked myself up when I knew deep down it wasn't cancer. Good luck for your results!!! I know some people on here have got results over the phone but I was also too scared to ring! 

Nal :) 

I'm exactly the same. The hospital told me

my results would be here in 4-6 weeks and it's been over 4 weeks now.. Every day since about 3 weeks I've dreaded seeing mail. Fingers crossed for us eh x