Scared of pet scan

Hi everyone

I had 2a cc diagnosed in May, I had chemo radio and brachy as had node involvement.

I had a clear MRI in November and was delighted but I’m really stressing about my forthcoming pet scan.

I got the date through and its start of May. I know it’s sounds stupid but I find it so hard to believe I’ll have no cancer cells in my body, and half of me wants to not do the scan as don’t want to be thrown back into the world of cancer again.

I know I might have options but a big bit of me wants to skip the scan and live in ignorance as I’m so worked up.

Not sure what everyone’s post treatment check up experiences have been, but wondering if anyone can see what I mean or share some words of advice.



Hi Kimmy :-)

To tell you the honest truth my first few scans frightened the living daylights out of me. I was so convinced this horrible disease was determined to come back and get me again. My heart would pump so hard I would get little black spots in front of my eyes. And, worse, the first few scans did show up odd little abnormalities which required further investigation by a different specialist. More panic! But happily, nothing was ever a recurrence of cancer. My follow ups are blood tests and CT scans but I understand that a PET scan is the dog's bollocks and shouldn't cause you to have to go off seeing other specialists in other departments or other hospitals even!

You will find that the more follow-ups you have under your belt, the easier they become to deal with. You will have follow ups for five years after diagnosis so try telling yourself that this scan in May is 20% of the way there :-) The equivalent of reaching the end of the first week of chemo-rads (except that with chemo rads it gets harder whereas with follow ups it gets easier)

Be lucky :-)

Hi, I've recently had my follow up scans the 1st ones and they caused me so much anxiety it's unreal I couldn't sleep or eat and I was a mess when I was alone. It threw me into a depression! But I'm glad i had them as I've gone from having a huge tumour to there just being traces of cancer and I was diagnosed with advanced cancer! so if I can get good news so can you!

ive got to have another check up in 3 months time but until then my anxiety has gone I'm walking straighter, I'm smiling and laughing again and I generally don't think about the battle I went through.

its always nerve racking and your stress levels become rediculous! But once you have it done and it's confirmed it's like a weight has lifte. Its so easy to burry your head in the sand I did for 2 years before I got looked at and this is the reason why I was diagnosed so late so although your scared it's so much better for you to go through with it xx