scared of laparoscopic radical hystermectomy

Hi I’m a new member here after being dianoised on the 26th nov with stage 1b1 cervical cancer.

Bit of background history, I lost my sister to cervical cancer which was a horrendous time for all the family and if I’m totally honest iv never got over it properly and find it very hard to talk about. Because of this it made me to scared to go for smear tests so basically I put it to the back off my head and shut it out so to speak. I hadn’t had a smear test for 14 years ( I’m 36 now) which I know is totally stupid but I was to scared off the outcome. I’m been single for quite a while but met a guy who seemed nice and after bleeding when I slept with him I know something wasn’t right and forced myself to go for a smear. I was scared of the results but my gut feeling was right. So in a way I’m lucky its early stages as I’m fully aware it could be a totally different story due to not having smears. Anyway the rollarcoaster journey has started for me and I’m at the below stage which is scaring me silly.
I’m booked in on the 18th dec for the above operation which to say I’m scared off is an understatment! I’m more worried about the effects to my bladder/bowel after the operation, I have been told I will go home with a wee bag ( so sorry I don’t know the correct name) which will stay in for about 2 weeks then it will come out to see if I can go on my own.
Please can I have some good stories/outcomes with the above operation please, mainly how you find your bladder/bowels now you have recovered from it?
I know you could say the long term effects after the operation are nothing compaired to what could happen if the cancer wasn’t found which I understand and the operation needs to be done to clear the cancer but I’m such a active person with 5 horses and always outside busy, it really is going to hit me hard afterwards with the recovery.
And it sounds stupid but iv never had a general before and I’m scared of not waking up.
Tbh I feel a bit silly posting here as there are such strong incredible people on here going through a lot lot worse then what I am, and I admire you all with how you all cope. Big hug to everyone and hopefully somebody can give me some posative stories.
Jo x

Hi Monster sorry to hear your diagnosis but you've definitely come to the right place for support and positivity. this site is a godsend and there are some truly inspirational and wonderful women here to help you through your journey. I'm two weeks post laprascopic radical hysterectomy today and have been pleasantly surprised how I've coped. I did unfortunately get an infection but was soon back on track with antibiotics on board. I was very lucky and only had a catheter in for 24 hours but still have to ensure I empty my bladder. I too was frightened about not waking up from the anaesthetic (which is very common according to my anaesthetist) so you're not thinking anything others aren't. Best advice I received peppermint tea, gripe water, loose clothing and most important rest. I would normally be in the gym 5 days a week and struggled with that thought at first but you are really tired after so you'll be glad of the rest. Don't be afraid to ask for help friends can be truly amazing in your hour of need. Get someone to spoil you for Christmas.


sending you lots oF hugs and please feel free to ask any questions but most of all try not to worry (easier said than done). I found having someone a few weeks ahead of me (Kelly78) totally invaluable xxx

Thank you very much helsbels68 for your reply, so your not having any problems Emptying your bladder? I wonder why my sergeon has told me I will go home with a bag? Is this common practice? Because I really don't want to. Do u feel different afterwards like your missing parts down below? My sergeon told me I will have to get use to things as bits will be moved inside and not feel normal and what I'm use to, so how are you finding things? Also a lovely topic to discuss but isn't it hard emptying your bowels or do u take laxatives for a while to help as I suppose you can't strain. So sorry for all the questions but i really don't want it done. Next wed I have my eua and not looking forward to that but its the main op I'm really scared off. How long were you in hospital for if u don't mind me asking. Thank you :) I really does help to talk to other who are going though it but I have great friends who are being so fab I really couldn't ask for better ones. X

I've pm'd you x

Hello Jo :-)

Welcome to the forum, but of course, very sorry that you have reason to be here. I am so sorry you lost your sister, I simply cannot imagine how awful that must be.

I have to say that even though I have had quite a few operations, when I had my radical hysterectomy I too was a little scared that I wouldn't wake up from the General Anaesthetic, but obviously I did because here I am boring everyone to tears :-) It is not the easiest operation in the world, you will feel tired and sore afterwards and yes things will feel a bit strange down there for a while before the swelling goes down. Yes you will need a catheter (wee bag) for a few days, I think I had mine for about 3 days if I remember correctly.

It's great to know that you have some really great friends around you because with your operation only a week before Christmas you're going to need plenty of help.

Sending you great big hugs

Be lucky :-)

Really sorry to hear your story. I was in a similar position re the op as I had never been in hospital before, but I can honestly say that the whole thing for me was way better than I was expecting.  I'm not going to lie, going home with the catheter in place for 2 weeks was easily the worse bit, and yes I got the obligatory UTI, but you do get used to it after a few days.  I was lucky that I was able to pee just fine at the first attempt at having it removed and have been pretty much ok in the 6 months since. Apart from the fact that I now have Lymphedema in my lower legs I forget that I ever had the op done.

Very best wishes and good luck with everything. xx


Thank you so much for everybody's messages, its great to hear other people's stories as obviously the sergeon Has to go through all the things that could go wrong but he scared me silly tbh. So any good stories to come my way would be great. 

I have my EUA on wed so am a little nervous of that but nothing compaired to the main op.