Scared of another bad pap

Hey girls, 

I am a 30 years old woman who recently got diagnosed with CIN 3.

I am new here and I don’t live in the UK but I found this forum very helpful so I am looking for experiences and advices!

I am originally from France but I live in the US and for the longest I had no insurance so for 7 years I never got a chance to get screened and when i finally did last July they diagnosed me with CIN III which was a big shock to me because when I left France I was 100% healthy and tested/checked for everything and since I came here I only had 2 partners and long terms relationships too so I really didn’t expect this of all things..

i got a LEEP on August 25, results came back with unclear margins so they did a cold knife cone on Tuesday December 5, I am now waiting for my follow up appointment next week.

i feel relieved that they took care of it but I am terrified that it comes back since I am sure i have had this for a long time and obviously my body can’t seem to be able to kill this stupid HPV and I keep telling myself that as long as I have this hpv it will come back and I dont know what to do..

i am not single and I don’t even know how to handle meeting a person, telling the person about this and how to even hope one day to have a family 


all of this is now mixed in my head, the fear of being sick again, the fear of having a cancer one day, the fear of never having a family because of this...I am so lost..


any experience, advice, word will be appreciated!

Sarah, first off I am so sorry reading this. I can feel the pain in your words. From my personal experience I am young 26 years old. i was diagnosed with pretty advanced pre cancerous cells back in 2013. I have a rare form where the pre cancerous cells scatter vs being in one place. I had the leep procedure and have had clear paps every 6 months since then. I have one daughter and my doctor Wants to preserve my fertility until we complete our family. I am done having children so I am having the hysto for a piece of mind. Talk with your doctors and discuss these concerns. My doctors told me it’s now or never, have children now. In order to protect my best interest. I go for the surgery feb 8 of 2018. Have faith, eat healthy, and exercise. women who smoke and have a low fruit and vegetable diet are more likely to develop cervical cancer. Hang in there And feel free to comment back To vent!!!