Scared of A1A cervical cancer coming back

Hi everyone,

Merry Christmas. I am new to the forum but have gained support from reading the many threads theta have been posted.

I was diagnosed with a1a CC in January of 2015 and had two rounds of lletz treatment. It was very early and my consultant was very positive about the future and I was given the all clear in April. At the time I felt very grateful that it had been caught so early and things looked good.

However as time has passed I have become more worried about it coming back. I constantly Google and worry about every little ache and pain. Things have been exacerbated as I found out I was pregnant in June and was so excited, however, I unfortunately lost my baby boy in October.

Since then it has been hard to focus on anything positive and I feel like I have become fixated on the cancer coming back. I requested a colposcopy asap after I lost Ethan but the consultant wouldn’t look at me until three months had passed. I am now due for colposcopy on January 21st and I’m hoping it will be ok.

I know that there is no reason why it should come back given the stage I was at but I’m just struggling to be rational so any words of wisdom you ladies can offer would be much appreciated : )


So sorry to hear of your loss. This must have been a very difficult year for you, as if battling with CC is not bad enough. It has probably made you even more vulnerable to feeling anxious and most of us feel that anyway. I have found that googling information can be really unhelpful as there is a tendency for the mind to filter information towards the negative, especially if you are feeling anxious to begin with. So I would avoid looking up aches and pains as it only leads to further worry. Hopefully when you visit your consultant you will be reassured as to your health, but if the worry does go on then you might try the counseling route. I hope things begin to change for you soon. Take care X

I'm so sorry to hear about Ethan (((((HUGS))))) I second absolutely everything that Rachel has already said so eloquently. We all fear a recurrence and that fear tends to hang around for round about a couple of years. Do really keep well away from Google and any time you feel vulnerable just come on here and have a chat with us. Here's hoping the next three weeks passes quickly and smoothly for you.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you for your kind words ladies. I am feeling better and have decided to start a new chapter in 2016 and stop googling as it really is very unhelpful! 

Its lovely to know that there is support here if I need it.

Thanks again. Xx

So sorry to hear about the cancer and the loss of your dear baby. I would also suggest going and having a chat with a Macmillan nurse, the one I spoke to was superb and it was good to speak to someone not directly involved in my care. Also do go easy on yourself, that is a lot of loss and change to cope with, I just got a library book on feelings after cancer and it's normal to be having strong and difficult feelings for some time.

Lots of love!