Scared! Need to tell my story (children mentioned)

Hi ladies,
I just found this forum in the hope someone can listen/ help.
This is my story so far; 8 weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.
Last week I went for my routine pap smear, the following day I received a phone call from my doc saying it had come back cin 3. He wanted to see me immediately for a biopsy. I have a colposcopy the next day with a biopsy. 5 days later I received a call that cell biopsy was cin 3. I am scheduled for a lletz, colposcopy and a d&c for one weeks time.
I am scared that the results are going to come back worse than cin 3. Is that possible? Or is the biopsy pretty on track. Why does he perform a d & c also? I didn’t ask any questions at the time of call because I was too busy running through my head all the info.
Would love any Thoughts.

Oh petal, you are in the same boat as myself. My lletz is on the 20th and would love to hear what people are saying regarding the outcome or statistic of CIN3. Like you i am very worried, but this CIN3 thing seems more common than you think..

Take care

Cari x

Hi girls

Just wanted to let you know that I am in the same boat too! Or similar! I had my lletz last week and am waiting on results, each day is literally going soooo slow and I am torturing myself with google but I just can’t help it!

It sounds like things are moving quick for you which is a good thing I had to wait 6 weeks for my colposcopy because of Xmas and they thought at the time it was cin1 which turned out to be cin3 from a biopsy. I am so worried that the biopsy has missed something as it was a small punch biopsy. I’m probably not helping you at all here but I just wanted you to know that I understand and you’re not alone! I keep trying to remind myself that the biopsies job was to look for cancer and if it didn’t find it then I have nothing to worry about…easier said than done though! Xxx

Hi All

What I find confusing from some threads on here is that some ladies have had Smear and as come back abnormal Cells so a Colposcopy has been done now I though a Colposcopy was just to have a look and the Biopsy was done at the same time as Lletz if need be which is what happened to me as I was under the impression that scrapping the Sample for Biopsy was a Lletz procedure. If not how was your biopsy taken? I am sick of waiting and its only been 2 weeks!! personally I think results do come back its admin that seems to take the time, I did post a thread on the Colposcopy asking if bad results come back quicker I was asking this because is seems if some poor people are diognosed with a cancer form the histories it seems to be around a week to two weeks. 

Good luck all xx

Hi Emily,

When i had my colposcopy the nurse talked me through what we were looking at on the screen and basically convinced me and herself that it was CIN1 just like my smear had said. But then said that she needed to take a punch biopsy which grabbed a small amount of cells from the most abnormal area to send away. I got a letter 10 days later stating that the biopsy showed CIN3....needless to say i was very confused and phoned to speak to her the next working day (had to wait a whole weekend!) she then said that those cells she took were more abnormal than they looked as proved by the biopsy, i didn't ask many questions at the time but thought of loads later on and assumed that the cells were deeper which is perhaps why they were considered a 3? i'm still not sure about it all to be honest! i've since had them removed and now on day 8 waiting for results!! i'm terrified of my phone ringing in the day but it seems i can relax a little more at night....hope that you're results come quickly too! the waiting is awful! xx

Hi Rachel

Yes My Smeal came back Severe Dysklarosis Cin 3 then when they did less she said it looked like it was Glandular instread High grade Cgin but I've had nothing back to confirm I wish I had asked her if she though she had got it all but I did not becuase I hated the whole thing and wanted to get out! I am going to ring again tomorrow to see if anything back,


Hi Hows everyone doing any results yet?


Not yet! day 11 for me i am an absolute wreck in the week when i know they can ring or i might come home to a letter but i can relax a little bit at weekends and feel a bit more normal for a day or so....they really need to sort these waiting times out for results its just awful!

How about you? have you heard anything? x

No not a thing but I chatted to my work collegue who had same thing and she was fine. waiting sucks because I am sure its the admin staff and not the lab I am kinda thinking that if it was bad would have heard x


I have heard that they say no news is good news, apparently most people that have serious cells hear back within 2 weeks so hold on in there :) x

Hi Hun hope all turns out well for you xx