Scared!! Need advice!

Hi! I am new to the forum and am really in need to some advice. I was referred to hospital for colposcopy following a second boderline smear result which also showed HPV positive. At the appointment the nurse said some areas in my cervix had gone white after painting with acetic acid therefore she would take some biopsies from those areas. She did say it looked like nothing too bad and only on the outer layer so I left feeling reassured. Yesterday I received a letter to say an apointment had been made for me to attend hospital again for examination/treatment with no detail of my biopsy results. I rang the hospital who said a letter had been sent which I should have received ( but haven't). I asked her to read the results letter to me. She said it said my biopsy had showed level 2/3 changes and that I need loop treatment. I am so shocked and scared my boderline result has gone to this stage in a matter of 8 weeks. I'm really scared I could have cervical cancer, I'm a single mum and so stressed and have to wait another two weeks for the appointment!. Any advice would be very much appreciated. 


LLETZ or the loop does not mean cancer, it that's what is going through your mind!! For 2/3 changes I think this is standard procedure, to get the bad cells out of there before they mutate into anything really bad. The procedure itself is not bad, have a read through others posts on here. You will be given a L.A. So won't feel anything. These cells will then be sent off to be looked at closer too. At my place of work, I know 6 other people that have had this procedure, 2 of them twice. So try not to worry. My case was slightly different, I was called in by dr after smear to tell me I had severe changes and colposcopy and LLETZ were necessary, which I had at same time.

good luck

xxx dons

Thank you so much for taking the time to replY, your message was very reassuring!. Sorry to hear about what you have been through, it's all so scary!!. You are right I was thinking cancer! If I had my letter explaining my results my mind probably wouldn't have wandered so much so I'm glad I came here and asked for advice from people who understand and have been through similar!. Searching the internet for answers was only making me worry more by what I was reading!. Thank you again and good luck to you too!, xx