Scared my recurrent cervical cancer is back


I finished chemo & radiotherapy mid October last year 2015 for recurrent cervical cancer. A ct scan in November came back clear , no more evidence of disease and back to 3 monthly check ups. My consultant has told me should this cancer return again I will be palliative , so I’m really scared.
For the past 3 weeks I’ve had a pain in my left calf , went to GP was sent to DVT clinic where a DVT was ruled out , now over the past 2 days my left ankle has stared to slightly swell up , I’m thinking the worst and the cancer is back , I have made an appointment to see my GP again on Tuesday I’m really scared and can’t help thinking the cancer is back again for the third time and I know this time there is no chance of cure as this is what the consultant has said.
I’ve told my partner and I do try to think positive but it’s so hard can’t help thinking the worst case scenario !
Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated ,


December 2013 - diagnosed CC 1b1 Adenocarcinoma, treated with radical hysterectomy
July 2015 - cancer back to left overary ( overary s not taken in hysterectomy ) treated with removal of overary and chemo and radiotherapy over 5 weeks .

Hi Greeni, 

Can't imagine how worying this must be for you. Didn't want to read and not reply.  I really hope it is something and nothing - it is reassuring that you had a clear CT in November.  Could this be lymphedema?  Can you go straight to you consultant rather than your GP.  I've had a couple of concerns over the last year and my consultant has seen me straight away.  xxx

Hi Greeni,

not been on here for a long time as I wanted to block out my experience with cervical cancer. I had a big panic a few weeks ago and was convinced it was back. Been having pelvic pain, slight bleeding after intercourse, tailbone pain and leg and back pain. I called my macmillan nurse and she was amazing, got me a ct scan and colposcopy straight away. I was a nervous wreck so understand how you are feeling. Big hugs and I say contact macmillan to put your mind at rest xxx


Hi Greeni,

I know just how scary it can get in the run-up to follow-up tests, it can be really quite debilitating. But I have never ever heard of a recurrence in the lower legs, it seems that it usually travels upwards. You may well be getting some lymphodema, especially since you have had to undergo surgery twice. I know how hard it is not to worry but do try to believe that this is something far less sinister than a recurrence.


Be lucky :-)