scared its back

Hi, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 1st sep 11 and had a radical hysterectomy 4th Oct 11. After a 3 month recovery at home i was hoping things would get better..... Since then i have had two haematomas I have a cyst on the cervical stump, cyst on one ovari'y and on last scan a further cyst was found below the ovary near my bladder. I am due to see the consultant on the 25th Oct 12 but have since the scan felt like something was wrong as have pressure in the vagina on passing urine and feel very uncomfortable. Im so scared that it is back but in another form i'm a single mum with a 5 yr old daughter and i try to stay positive for her but it is one thing after another. Has anyone experienced anything like this after an RH? Kathryn x

can’t help you with this one hun, but best of luck, hope the doctors can help you out quickly xx