Scared. Irregular cycles lump on Cervix. (children mentioned)

I am 29 and have three Beautiful Children, 5, 4 and nearly 2. This all began when My periods returned a year after the birth of my 3rd child, December last year. Since February my periods have become very irregular, ranging from what was normal 35/38 days to now 100 +. They are also much shorter and lighter, from 7 days to 5. I have also been having spotting (brown/red/pink) usually on CD (cycle day 17) For 2-4 days. Then in August i had bright pink spotting for 7 days one week before i ovulated. I eneded up having a misscarriage in September. Following the misscariage i had spotting on cycle day 17 for 4 days and 18 days later 12 days of heaver pink spotting, still not enough for a pad or tampons. I am now on CD 77, No spotting or sign of period coming.

At the beginig of November i was checking my cervix when i felt alot of little bumps on the top of my cervix above the opening and a large "growth" on the bottom of the opening to my cervix. The "Growth" is smooth, the size of a large pea and feels like it is my cervix but its deformed a bit. As though this part has grown up and out.

The GP checked my cervix with a nurse. After accusing me of not knowing where my cervix was and questioning how could i find it, why was i looking for it.....  she says she cant see any lump but said i have a bit of erosion, she didnt care to elaborate so after googling i see that it is fairly common but nothing accounts for this lump. Which is definently there.

I also have severe back pain which has been around since the birth of my 3rd but now its effecting my hips and legs.

Increase in discharge and watery discharge.

I Had a Pap Smear in April. Normal and one in January 2012. Normal. Missed one in 2015.

I have had 2 Transvaginal ultrasounds. One for PCOS another for misscariage which were all normal. Other than signs of PCOS.

Blood tests for calcium, iron, kidney. Normal.

My GP is now sending me for a colposcopy on the 19th of December.

I am so scared that this is cervical cancer. I have no faith in Pap Smears or my doctor at this point. The Idea of a colposcopy has me terrified aswell.

Anyone who has any experience similar to mine and care to share, i would greatly appreciate it.

L xx