Scared! Has anyone had reaccurance in the vulva?

I’m starting to worry…
I had cc stage 1b last year had radical Hysterectomy last July and all was fine & been on 3 monthly check ups.
I started to get discomfort in my vagina & vulva area around Oct/Nov and has gradually got worse now resulting in me waking up 2/3 times in the night.
(Sorry for TMI but it’s basically the worst itch ever!)
I’m now booked in for a Vulvacoscopy next Wednesday but after doing some research I’ve convinced myself I now have cancer of the vulva as symptoms inc bladder pain/problems which I’ve also seen a separate consultant for !
Thought this whole nightmare was over but I can’t help but feel I’ve hopped back on the rollercoaster !
Has anyone else experienced this ?

Hi confetti,

it can be very easy to feel once again overwhelmed when facing yet another health issue, try to focus on the fact that you have had the strength to get this far.

I'm quite sure it's not a recurrence and it is a long term effect from the surgury or from the menopause. There is a lady I work with and she has experienced surgical menopause as you have and it caused her vulva to have constant pain and itching as you are Describing. 

It took me awhile to answer because I had to ask her the name. Here is a link.....

Just have a read, try to think positively. Good luck at the appointment. 


Hi Confetti :-)

Wow! What a star Lolli is finding that for you! We all go through some seriously frightening times self-diagnosing a recurrence anywhere in the body. This is as normal as anything! It takes quite some getting used to but you will get there, learning to laugh at your fears and telling yourself over and over again that it is usually just a case of your mind being twice shy having already been bitten once.

Here's hoping you have happy news on Wednesday :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thank you ladies for your replies.

I will definitely take a look at that link Lolli888, thank you so much for taking the time to find the information.

Will keep you posted on how Wednesday goes xx