Scared GA on Monday

Hey. I need some1 to talk to. Heres the story in points
Had 3 smears abnormalities found
Colposcopy at 12 week’s pregnant n 28 weeks and once October 5th
Biopsies taken
Cin3 high grade
High risk hpv
High grade dyskorises (cant spell) two thirds cervix has something on it…
Operation monday been canceled once.
Has anyone had this? Whats happened? Whats pain like after op. Im having two third cervix removed n some treatment dont no 100% what.
Thanks xxx

Hi Kez 

sorry to hear that you have been told you have high grade changes, did they tell you what treatment you are having?

I had a cone biopsy at the end of October which involves them removing a v shaped slice of tissue with the LLETZ. You may just be having LLETZ under ga? The ga isn't too bad. You may have a little sickness after and will likely feel tired for a couple of days up to a week. 

Hope all goes well x