Scared for treatment

Hi I have posted on here before about my smear coming back boarderline, I had my colposcopy and 2 biopsys taken two weeks ago, I have received no letter yet but rang my gp today for something different and they said they received a letter saying I need treatment in 2-4 weeks. I am absolutely terrified of the pain and was just wondering if this in normal procedure or if anyone has had treatment how bad it was, the biopsys were fine I felt next to no pain. I think I was secretly hoping they would say it’s all fine we made a mistake or its sorted itself out. Also my gyne hasn’t ever told me what he thinks cin 1 2 or 3. I think I’m just completely getting myself in a mess about all this. Thankyou


Sorry to here you are going through this worrying time, hopefully your treatment will get you CIN free again.

It sounds like you need some more information to help you feel more in control. In the letter Your GP has been sent from the gynaecologist who did your colposcopy there should be details about the findings of the biopsy e.g. CIN type and also what treatment they are recommending. I would ring your GP and request someone reads you the letter or go in and ask for a copy - it is YOUR medical record remember and you can request to see anything you want, especially results ( i get them to print them off for me and go through them with Dr). No luck at the GP and you can ring your gynae secretary (colopscopy clinic can give you the number). Do not be afraid to ask and question health care professionals, they will want you to feel you have all the info you need - treatments are your decision and yours alone. 

I had a Lletz and I really didnt feel much at all and felt fine afterwards, just slight period like cramping. but everyone has different experinces from what I've read on here. If your biopsys were fine, be optomistic a Lletz/LEEP would be too. If you have this treatment make sure you get the results letter sent you too and check you have' clear margins' from the Lletz. If not they should provide you with colposcopy follow up as well as pap smear yearly or talk about further treatments. There is loads of info on this website about treatments.

Sorry if this all sounds a bit direct! I didnt get my results of my Lletz (unclear margins) and didnt have colposcopy follow up, and now have CC, whilst i cant prove the 2 are linked I would not want anyone else to go through what i have because they didnt have all the information of their results and were afraid to ask/just went with what Drs said. 

I wish you all the best, sending hugs and positive vibes! x


I had my loop biopsy yesterday and thought I'd add in my experience here to hopefully ease some worries some people might have. 


I had my smear test at the end of August and got the letter about a week later to go for colposcopy. They took two biopsies which was nothing more than a little sting although I felt really rough and tired the next day. The results came back CIN3 and I had my loop biopsy yesterday so the hospital have been brilliant in moving fast. I am a massive wimp, really squeamish and always faint during blood tests so I was really nervous about the procedure. However, I now feel really silly for getting myself so worked up. I had local anaesthetic and I could barely feel the injections (and I needed three) and the biopsy itself just felt like a sort of warm pressure but not painful. The nurses and doctor were really lovely and they chat to you all the way through to distract you. I'm feing a bit tired today but pretty much back to normal-spent last night curled up with a hot water bottle because of cramps but I haven't taken any painkillers and I feel ok. Just wanted to reassure anyone who's having to have this done-I am the biggest wimp ever with needles/hospitals and it really was absolutely fine. Just waiting for the results now and then can hopefully forget about it. So I'm sure you will be absolutely fine, it's a really common and effective treatment-and the relief you feel after is great! 

Thankyou so much ladies, I feel more confident that I will be ok now, I'm so sorry Amy t about your diagnosis. I will definitely be asking about cin grades and clear margin, not knowing what is actually wrong with me is what makes me so unsure and especially as I have got in today's to a appointment letter for treatment in 6 days, it still has no information on just that I need treatment. It really makes the world of difference just to talk to someone who has been through this and understands how scary it's is. Thankyou x