Scared for PET Scan

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with 2B CC in April 2015, i finished my treatment at the end of July (25 fractions of radiotherapy 5 cycles of Chemo and 2 internal radio) and just had my first MRI which has showed most of my cervix is fibrosed due to the treatment as expected but there is a part of my cervix they are unhappy with so i have to go for a PET scan so they can have a more detailed look. Feeling really worried and anxious…was hoping this was the end of a horrible journey but doesnt look like it. Just really scared

Hiya I've finished my treatment and I am awaiting my scan to see how it has worked. The best thing to do and I know it's really hard is to try not to get worked up about the scan and what they have said. I've got advanced CC and I was so worried at first thinking the worst as well if the treatment wasn't to work then the worst thing possible would happen....I managed to stop myself from thinking like that it was hard trust me! My cancer has shrunk and I'm praying it's now gone I doubt it but you can but hope.

It may be that the treatment has done something and this is what they are wanting to look at in more detail? My cancer has caused a hole in my bladder which has left me incontinent at the age of 28 which is not nice - I've got an appointment to do something about it so fingers crossed for that too! 

A pet scan is a long day I fell asleep whilst waiting for the radiation to go through my system lol

Hi Leeanne,

I'm so sorry you are faced with yet another scary episode ahead, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that it all turns out OK. Certainly I hear that a PET scan is the absolute dogs bo****ks and after one of those there should be no uncertainty, which, in a way, should be comforting. I know just how terrifying the run up to a scan is. Deep breaths.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Leeanne,

Feeling anxious and scared is such a normal response in the face of uncertainty, and scans bring this right to the fore. There are no easy solutions here, but I draw strength from knowing that I am not alone, and that loads of other women are going through similar experiences and are prepared to share their stories and experiences. Try to trust your team that they are doing the best for you, and try your best not to think the worst. Good luck with it all and take care.

Thanks a 2 -3 week wait for the scan then hopefully some good news....everything crossed. Thanks for your support xx

Hi Leeanne,

I'm in a very similar position to you. Diagnosed 2b with node involvement in May. Had 7 chemo, 28 radio, 3 brachy and 3 more radio aimed directly at nodes. All this and still one of my nodes is showing inflammed! Had my PET yesterday so waiting for results now.

I too am scared and can't help thinking about 'what next'. Fingers crossed it's all down to scarring for the both of us.

Best of luck, let us know how you get on.

Rach xx

Ive since had my PET scan which showed my cervix was clear but a tiny hotspot in my left lymph node.....they are now giving me the option of scan survilance or to remove the lymph node. I need a talk to the consultant about surgery to get the ins and outs but i felt like they were pushing me towards scan survilance instead. So confused about what to do for the best. They said because the node only measures at 6mm its classed as non significant and that the treatment will still be working in my body even though i finished it in July?

anyone have any advice or similar stories? 

Leeanne x