Scared, confused please help

Hi All,

This is my first post so please bear with me.
I think it’s important to start by saying that I have severe anxiety disorder and anything health related causes me to be in a constant state of panic.
In March this year I attended my local ED for heavy bleeding and clotting on the second day of my period. I was put on medication to stop the bleeding and told to have a Pap Smear, as I was 6 years overdue (no hate please, I already give it to myself enough). One week after Pap Smear, GP calls to tell me they detected cancer. He did not tell me anything else, he was vague and rude when I became upset (kicked him to the curb now). That afternoon I met with a gynaecologist who did a colposcopy and booked me in for a cone biopsy the following week.
I received the results of cone biopsy in mid April and it was confirmed that I had squamous cell carcinoma but that there was clear margins and the cancer they had found was microscopic. I was referred to a Gynaecological Oncologist where my appointment was 5 weeks later. When I attended that appointment he confirmed that the cancerous cells they found were 0.3mm deep, and with the clear margins 0.2mm he was confident that I was cancer free. He requested a follow up appointment in 6 weeks time to discuss a hysterectomy as there is still pre-cancerous cells within my cervix and I have finished having children. That appointment is due to happen next Friday.
Where I am at today, is that I am currently ovulating. I have never experienced any ovulation pain, spotting or bleeding in the past. Yesterday and today, I have noticed watery/brown and watery/pink/red discharge when I wipe after going to the toilet. My hubby is telling me this is very normal, but my anxious brain is sure it means the cancer has spread.
My brain is in overdrive wondering how he could have been so sure that I was cancer free without doing any further testing other than a cone biopsy.
Has anyone experienced this type of discharge during ovulation after having been diagnosed, without having had it before?
My apologies for the rambling, I’m just so worried and upset and can’t seem to think properly

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If it helps, I had post coital bleeding with what seem to be ( at least at punch biopsy) cin2 ( originally thought to be lower grade).
It was quite minor but my cervix was bleeding quite a lot.
I am older though. I’ve had lletz 2 and a half weeks ago. Nurse at the appointment said not to be concerned about the bleeding.
Is the hysterectomy something you want ?

Thank you for your reply!

I went and seen my regular GP yesterday and he has told me to relax, he thinks it’s unrelated and that I am overthinking things.

I think I do want the hysterectomy for piece of mind, I’m not sure that I can keep getting through each day worrying as much as I do.

How are you feeling? I hope you’re doing ok!!

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I am awash with clear discharge which is very inconvenient but they say not to worry ( it’s been 3 weeks), as otherwise I’m well
What a palaver this whole thing is …

It sounds to me like you are worried that there is a problem with your ovaries as well, even though the cancer is very small. Do talk to your gynaecologist as many will remove the ovaries as well as doing the hysterectomy. This can all be done laparoscopically, I believe. If you’re having a hysterectomy you don’t need your ovaries, but of course you will enter the menopause if they remove it. You may even be offered a PET/MRI scan to look for cancer in the body - if so, definitely take this, as if nothing else it will put your mind at rest.

Thank you both for your replies.

I now have my period which is odd, it has always been so regular.

Appointment is on Friday with Oncologist and have started a list of what I want to ask him. Fingers crossed I am just being paranoid!!

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Hi Mich
Which of these consultants are you most comfortable speaking with? Make sure that you discuss all of your concerns with, and ask all your questions to the one who makes you feel most secure. Some professionals know their subject so well that they lose sight of the fact that it’s new territory for those of us not wearing the white coat. A gynae oncologist might deal with a great many hysterectomies every day at work, but for normal mortals, we experience only one, so it’s a big deal and needs to be discussed in depth and do not allow anyone to fob you off with a pamphlet.
Be lucky :slightly_smiling_face:

To be honest, I’m not overly comfortable with anyone yet. I feel like I keep getting fobbed off and told that everything is fine, stop worrying, and that they are dragging this whole process out, when I just really need some answers.
I’m hoping that on Friday he has a bit more time for me and I have the opportunity to go through my list of questions!

Good luck with that and please let us know how you get on. Is anyone going with you? Sometimes it’s helpful to have another person listening to what the doctor tells you because for us, the patients, we are quite likely to become a rabbit in the headlights and realise later that we cannot remember a single word.
Be lucky :slight_smile:

Thank you Tivoli,
Yes, my husband is coming with me. He is my voice of reason, and my fiercest supporter. I know I will be ok with him there


Thank you so much for posting this.
I’m also awash and was beginning to think it was just me and a return to GP was imminent.
I’ve tried finding out why this happens but no joy. I just like to know why I’m doing what I’m doing - especially when gin isn’t involved!
Wishing you every happiness and thanks, again.

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