Scared Biopsy

Hi Everyone,

I'm really new to this site and forum and hoping I can get a little support as I'm feeling a bit crap and worried.

I had my first smear test a couple of weeks ago and got a letter saying they had found high grade dyskaryosis and to go for a colposcopy. I've been for the colposcopy today, and the Dr took me into an office and asked me a bunch of questions, then informed me I would need to come back in a couple of weeks for treatment. She then said today they would also be taking a biopsy and directed me to another room. I had the colposcopy and she took 2 biopsies. The nurse said the biopsy results can take up to 4 weeks but can be quicker when they find something that needs to be seen to.

Now I'm kind of confused. If I'm already going back for 'treatment' why does a biospy need to be done?  And it sounds like that will be before the biospy results come in, so are they just removing something without knowing what it is? Also - I thought that treatment to remove the bad cells is done on the day, at the same time as the colposcopy - so why am I needing to go in seperately? She also told me I would need to arrange childcare and have at least a day of rest after the procedure. It makes it seem somewhat more full on that a quick scrape of a few dodgy cells?

I guess my bottom line question is - is there chance I have cancer? 


Scared. Thanks.


It's all a bit confusing isn't it!! The same happened to me- because it's high grade dyskariosis they will definitely do some treatment to get rid of those cells but they also do biopsies to double check the diagnosis (the smear test is only a tiny sample). Some clinics do the treatment to remove the cells on the day but others don't- it seems to depend where you live and how they work appointments out. I had colposcopy and went back for LLETZ treatment a few weeks later. It's really unlikely you have cancer as the cells take a long time to become cancerous. 

Try not to be scared (I know it's easier said than done!) The LLETZ treatment is a quick treatment but it can leave you feeling a little bit washed out so a day to rest is a good idea. Shout if you have any more questions- the people on here can always answer :)

Ally x


I had my LLETZ procedure 4 weeks after my colposcopY. I agree with the previous post. Dont read too much into it. Things are dealt with differently at different hospitals. Good Luck x

Hi Jojo,

Sounds to me like you are booked in for a LLETZ procedure to get rid of all the dyskaryosis in one go and to trigger your immune system into fighting back all by itself.
A LLETZ procedure is rather more than a 'quick scrape of a few dodgy cells'. It's probably a bit more like a small sliver of smoked salmon.

They are taking biopsies just to make absolutely sure that none of the cells have already turned cancerous. In the unlikely event that they do find any cancerous cells, then you have a two-week head start before the cells from your LLETZ procedure can be analysed.

Be lucky :-)

I had my treatment at the same time as my colposcopy but I think it completely depends on which hospital you go to. they had told me before that I would most likely need treatment at the same time so i was expecting it. I completely worked myself up about it as I have a very low pain threshold. But if it's any reassurance I didn't find it painful. I had a few twinges when they removed the tissue but after the local I couldn't really feel anything. Overall it wasn't a bad experience, hope i can offer some reassurance!

If it helps, I had Lletz treatment for high grade also (biopsies also taken like you).


My smear after the treatment was all clear, this was a couple of years ago.