Scared awaiting colposcopy

Hi everybody. 
I went for my Gynae appointment to arrange a laproscopy for suspected endometreiosis when she noticed a 'raw area' on my cervix. She referred me for a colposcopy and said that it is likely i will need to have cells removed. This happened last week and the appointment is for 2 weeks time so im glad its going to happen quite quickly. Im only 21 so too young for a smear test, however my family history is terrible where cervical issues/cancer are involved and i can't stop thinking about 'what if'.. I was expecting this to happen at some point in my life but i didnt think it would be so soon and didnt realise how badly it would affect me emotionally.. If anybody has any advice that would be great. 


I got one last month unexpectedly. it's not painful. just embarrassing. it's always better to get things checked out. like myself the waiting is the hardest step. 

Hi. I was also really scared about colposcopy and treatment and geared myself up for the actual procedure to be way worse than it was. It’s not too painful just a little uncomfortable. Once the local anasthetic is administered you won’t really feel much just a bit of pressure. Hope it goes well x

I had my colposcopy with no anaesthetic and it was totally fine. A little punch but not painful. I can't remember feeling embarrassed either.