Scared and waiting/burning/spotting

I am nervous and seeking some knowledge and support. I started having aching in my pelvis, hips, lower back in September after moved to a new state. More recently a burning feeling and spotting intermittently between periods. I had 2 ER visits in November where they did a US and a CT w/contrast. Only things of note were Nabothian cysts on my cervix. Scheduled OBGYN appointment and saw my 1st doc 3 weeks ago. He didn’t even examine me, he told me it was likely Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and gave me pain meds. I saw another doc last week and she examined me. She took swabs and said she was concerned with how inflamed my cervix looked and that I bled easily. She also noted that she felt that way because I had one previous abnormal pap 10 years ago in my 20s. I have a hysteroscopy/colposcopy for biopsy scheduled for the 31st in office. The waiting is driving me a bit crazy.

Anyone prior to cervical biopsy experience burning and similar spotting? How did you get through the waiting for answers?

Thank you