Scared and in pain after high grade results

This is my first time posting after reading through the forum trying to look for some answers or comfort. I hope some of you lovely ladies can give me some advice or put me at ease because I'm struggling to leave the house due to both pain and anxiety.

I have a complex genetic health condition (I won't name because it is extremely rare and if I mention it someone may know who I am). In a nutshell it causes aggressive and quick overgrowth of tissue and cells - I.e bone and tumors. I have been in hospitals for the most part of my life so getting results letters through the door usually doesn't phase me anymore. But this combined with the physical pain I am in has found me in tears late at night and I am at a loss.

At the beginning of April I had an operation to remove "a few uterine polyps" - that "few" turned out to be around the twenty mark (you can imagine my discomfort leading up to the surgery). The surgeon said she had never seen anything like it in someone so young (I am 27). However I healed very well from the operation and began to feel myself.

Around a month later, I had a letter telling me I had high grade dyskaryosis (sp?) from a pap smear they had done whilst I was under general anaesthetic. I was frustrated because it felt like one thing after the other (in the past five years I have had internal bleeding from a torted omentum, egg sized ovarian cysts twisted twice on themselves, major spinal cord surgery, breast reconstruction from a giant tumor, and the above polypectomy) but I shrugged it off and understood I would be referred for a colposcopy and the doctors will do their magic again.

Four weeks later and I haven't heard from colposcopy. Last week I had sex with my OH and instantly felt like I had like a very bad stomach ache during and after. The next day I'm on the park with my dog and OH and out of nowhere I feel like someone has stabbed me in the pelvis. I tried so hard not to pass out from the pain, OH has carried me back to the car and once home its codeine and bed. The next four days and still counting I am having this pain at least twice a day, as well as irregular bright red bleeding. I have been told to go to a&e but honestly I've been sent there so many times I don't want to waste anymore NHS resources. I tried to chase colposcopy up but because of the NHS hacking our surgery has had no results sent to them so it's only now are they beginning to refer me (not their fault). I have pain and bleeding after sex probably 3/5 times for the past 5 years but nothing this severe. 

I have been so tired for the past 3 months or so but up until now I thought it was probably my illness causing it. I have a 10 hour sleep at night and then 4-6 hours in naps during the day.

I don't know if I'm adding 2+2 and getting 65 or if I know something is very wrong.

Sorry if this is very long winded, thank you if anyone has even just took the time to read this. I don't know what to do :(