Scared and impatient

Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to read my post.

I'm 24 and my gp made an urgent referral to gynecologist yesterday after I finally managed to persuade him to give me a pelvic examination. I've been to my surgery three times the past month due to bleeding during and after every time I have sex, I've also noticed a foul smelling discharge that I have never ever had before. Sorry to be blunt but it smells like a wound, a leg ulcer or something, I was worried it was my coil at first. Anyway first appointment with Dr she told me she couldn't do anything for me until a nurse swabbed me, which I already knew and had requested a nurse when I telephoned. I asked if she would please take a look and give me a pelvic examination and she refused because I am under 25, this really upset me as I wasnt asking for a smear just for her to check everything looked okay, that my coil was still in position and not causing the problem. I left that appointment with another appointment a week later, I was five minutes late for this because of road work by the surgery so the receptionist told me I'd have to make another appointment. I was so frustrated! I got another appointment for the next available time, two weeks later! Anyway yesterday I was finally seen by a nurse, I asked if she would look at my cervix while she took swabs, she said no she couldn't do that, only a doctor could. I started crying through frustration by then I had a speculum inside me all she had to do was look so I told her I was going to complain that they weren't following clinical guidelines as I'd actually read he dpartment of health's clinical procedure guidelines the night before, anyway she must have felt bad so she looked and was there looking for quite a while before she left the room. She came back with a doctor who looked and explained to me that my cervix looked very red and he could see two areas of growths? And that he would be referring me under the two week rule. I was relieved someone had finally looked but now I'm so scared. I'm sorry for waffling. I just don't know what to expect, I feel scared he's referred me after just looking at my cervix. It must look bad? Its the easter weekend now so I won't be getting a phone call for an appointment till about Wednesday I was told, I just wish everything could be done faster I feel in limbo. 

Hi I just want to say I'm so sorry you were treated like that, it makes me so mad! I don't know what to say about your cervix exam except that whatever they find, you're in good hands and they will treat you appropriately. Good luck and happy Easter!

That's terrible! I would complain, seriously. i guess it's important to try and stay positive though. Good luck x

It's a good job you were persistant, I think u have to be really. I had to keep calling the hospital cause they kept going to make me an appointment but everytime I called it wasn't done. 3 months down the line I finally got my appointment For treatment, but it's the first time in 10 years I've had an issue with them making one.

I wouldn't worry too much, at least they are going to keep an eye on you now. I've had a lot of abnormal smears and biopsys and the loop diathermy treatment and it's not great but I keep telling myself at least they are keeping an eye on things and doing something about it. It would be worse if it were left.

good luck x

Hiya :-)

Well I hope the staff at your GP's surgery have learned their lesson for future patients. I think out of all of what I have read I am most outraged by you being put off for two whole weeks because of a five-minute roadworks delay. None of the rest of us could do that to a client or a deadline! Anyway, you are in the system now and I expect you will be treated much better from now on. I know just how difficult it is not to worry unduly because we all do it, but honestly, if he can see a couple of 'patches' then it sounds small enough to be treated quite simply. The waiting to be told what your treatment is going to be is always the worst bit so just try to distract yourself with nice things until you know.

Be lucky


Thank you for the replies ☺ I feel a little more assured now. I think I convinced myself it will be the worst case scenario. Good luck to everyone x

Hi all, thought id post a little update. I saw gynae a couple of weeks after my ugrent referral, i was seen by his registrar i think she was. She gave me another pelvic examination and decided to do a smear since ill be 25 in september and also took a biopsy. My smear results came through on friday as borderline changes and high risk HPV. Still no sign of biopsy result i  not sure what kind of biopsy it was, but im to go back on friday for a colposcopy so maybe I'll find out the result then. This site and you ladies arefantastic and helping me keep a positive outlook xx