Scared and HOPELESS

That’s good that you’ve got a referral now, at least it’s progress!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the both of us, at least things are progressing.

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Hi Jemma

So I went to the hospital today and unfortunately I do have cervical cancer. The doctor told me it’s in the early stages they think and I had a really good conversation with the Macmillan Cancer nurse too.

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What a day you’ve had. At least it’s in the early stages. Fingers crossed for you.

Hi EmJ :two_hearts:

I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but thankfully it’s been found in early stage and you’re now headed for treatment and you’ll be more than okay! Pls do keep me posted xx

Hi Jemma,

Thank you. It’s not quite sinking in at the moment. I just can’t believe it and I can’t bring myself to say it out loud yet. It is good that it’s early and now it’s just waiting for them to confirm the stage and the treatment plan but they said that will be a couple of weeks. I’ll keep you posted.xx

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Hi emJ, you’re in my thoughts, I hope you won’t have to do much waiting :two_hearts: I have been told I might have endometriosis and have been put on a contraceptive but I’m still not convinced :confused: it just doesn’t make sense but I’ll just have to see if my symptoms do ease up once I’m on this tablet.

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Thanks, Jemma, I’m a little all over the place at the moment, today I’ve been logical, frustrated, annoyed, upset - with occasionally bursting into tears! It’s such a hard diagnosis but I’m staying positive as much as possible and trying to keep as busy as the symptoms allow, I have realised today that I may need to cut down on work soon because five days is becoming too much even working from home.

Hmm, I’m not convinced with to be honest! I think some symptoms fit but not all. Have they done any scans ( sorry if you’ve already told me that!). Before my diagnosis I was ready to push for a laparoscopic surgery to see if they could find something, is that something you’d consider? I thought with endometriosis they would need to still find something with scans or with surgery!?xx

I can only imagine the rollercoaster of emotions you’re dealing with, and I’m so sorry to hear that the symptoms are getting tough to deal with :pensive: I hope treatment takes those awful symptoms away for you.

Yeah I am pushing for one but my doctors are not too keen, I’ve even asked for an MRI now just to see what’s going on. It’s scary not knowing especially as the pain and other symptoms are not going away.

Sending strength to you. xx

Hi Jemma,

That’s good that you’re pushing for it, the scans might show something up too. It is so hard waiting for a diagnosis. I hope you find some answers very soon.

I am all over the place honestly, my doctor rang to check on me today and recommended counselling to get through it and I think I will take her up on that.


I am finally having an MRI this week :slight_smile: please do keep me updated on your treatment as well and if you ever want to vent or talk, I’m here xx

Hi Jemma,

How are things going with you? How was your MRI? Have you got your results?

My progress has been quite chaotic, I ended up writing an email to PALS asking for some information as I decided to change hospitals and I got an email from the head of gynecology apologising and telling me they ‘cocked up’ multiple times with my case! I have since seen a consultant who I really like and I’m booked in for a radical hysterectomy on the 7th September which is scary!xxx

Hi Emj! So good to hear from you :white_heart:

So I definitely have endometriosis which I’ve been learning to live with, it’s a bit tough because before this I lived a relatively pain free life and now it’s an everyday issue. I’ve been put on the pill and I’ve heard that it makes women with high risk hpv and Cin1 more at risk of cervical cancer so I’ve been trying to find alternatives to this :slight_smile:

I am so so sorry to hear about the hospital messing up your case but so glad that it’s now finally sorted and you’re all booked in. It must be all so overwhelming but I just want to say that while I cannot give any advice when it comes to what you’re going to experience on September 7th, there are so many women on here who have gone through that surgery and they’re doing absolutely great. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping everything works out well for you :pray:t4: Pls do keep my updated. xx

Hi Jemma,

I’m so sorry for the late reply! I’ve been dealing with so much and a bit all over the place.
I’m so glad to hear that you’ve had a diagnosis now and you don’t have cancer which is brilliant!! How are you dealing with the endometriosis diagnosis? Are you receiving treatment?

Em xx