Scared and confused

Hi All

I've recently had an abnormal smear test results come back showing I have severe dyskaryosis in my sample. All past tests have always been normal including the last one I had in 2015 so this has shocked the hell out of me.

I had my colposcopy last week and the Doctor advised he thought my smear test result was accurate. He would have done the LLETZ procedure then and there however as I was going on holiday the following day I could wait for the results of my biopsies and have treatment then.

I'm now petrified waiting for the results. He took 3 biopsies and photos. Is this normal or is it because he could see cc? I thought CC was a slow growing cancer yet I've gone from a normal smear to severe dyskaryosis in just 3 year's.Did they miss something from previous smear tests? Is it possible to see CC from a colposcopy? Would the Doctor have told me if he did?

I know I should have asked more questions but I just felt numb at the time. I did ask if he thought it was cancer from what he saw today but he just said " let's change that question around. Even if it is cancer caught in  early stages it is 99% curable" honestly at that moment I felt like my heart stopped!!

I apologise for my ramblings but I'm just so confused by the speed of the changes and what's going. Im usually a strong positive person yet my head is a mess and Google is my worst enemy!!

Any advice, thoughts would be appreciated.