Scared again! Just had phone call from consultant

Ok…I’ve just had a phone call from one of the consultants who had discussed my case at my mdt meeting today and now I’m even more worried! They want me to come into rapid clinic so they can give me a general anaesthetic to examine me…why?? I’ve had a MRI and I’ve had a ct scan…he wouldn’t tell me anything over the phone so now I’m doubly scared! I’ve waited a month for this meeting not knowing what’s happening to me or what stage I am and now I still don’t know…does anyone know why they would want to take me in under a general to have a look?
Kay x

Hi Kay, 

please dont panic. This is a good thing because it sounds to me like they are in disagreement of the scans so they want to have a good look.

In order to do this they will put you out so you will not be uncomfortable.

The reason why this is good is because a physical exam will allow them to once again put some solution on your cells and see exactly how far it has spread. the scans do not show abnormal cells under a certain width,depth etc. this exam will give them a very detailed look And combined with the scans they will be able to detirmine the treatment plan that is best. 

Chin up. You got this. 

Hi lolli..Thankyou for replying and calming me down slightly! I don't know whether I'm coming or going...Ive lived for the last month waiting for this day to come so I would know which way I was heading but when he said we would like you to come into the rapid clinic for an internal examination I just went to pieces because in my head I was thinking it must be a lot worse than what they originally thought! i hope everything you have said above is what it's all about..I did manage to squeeze what they stage they did think it was and he reluctantly said "well it's looking like it is a stage 1 however there are variants of stage 1" so god knows what that meant! I'm so tired, exhausted and emotionally drained from all of the waiting and unknown but hopefully i should know more after this examination..Thankyou once again for your reassurance it means so much to have everyones ion and support 


Hi Kay :-)

Well stage 1 is good news whatever way you look at it. Yes there are variants, there is 1a1, 1a2, 1b1 etc, but that's all pretty academic because as a general rule of thumb stage 1 is unlikely to have spread anywhere and you are likely to be cured with surgery and not chemo or radiation therapies. So that's all pretty good. I have to say that I was under the impression that everybody had an EUA (Examination Under Anaesthetic) so I don't think it is limited to 'special cases' or anything scary like that. I imagine you are just going through a series of standard routine procedures but the fact that you weren't told in advance what would be next on the list has made it all seem urgent and out of the ordinary.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Kay

To add to what the ladies have already posted it sounds like it is really routine to have this and a lot easier for all parties if we are put to sleep during the process.

I will probably have this too in the next couple of weeks the Consultant mentioned.

They want to get the clearest and most accurate picture before making a treatment plan.

Good luck - let me know how it goes!


Try not to worry, although I know its easier said than done (I am so mentally exhausted following my CC diagnosis earlier this week!) but the other ladies here are right...stage 1 is the best possible news in this situation and it sounds as though they want to ensure super accurate staging so they can treat it as effectively as possible! Stay strong and remember we are all here for you! Xx