Scared. Advice and exoeriences please. *fertility mentioned*

<p>Hi all. I'm just looking for some advice. Background info: I have been experiencing sporadic bleeding for quite some time now which the Dr put down to my implant. I then started with bladder problems..needing a pee almost as soon as I had been for one and more recently have started with pains in my abdomen and groin area. I had my implant removed in Feb as the bleeding had been constant for over a month, someday's spotting and others heavy. This made me feel very run down. I had a smear the same day which came back as positive for HPV and high grade severe dyskaryosis. I was given a colposcopy appointment for the following week. My whole cervix was white when the solution was applied. The consultant said "I don't think it is cc, however it is very significant and we cannot say for sure until after the results of the lletz come back". I don't think he took biopsies and I have to go for lletz under ga as the area was too big to remove under local. This is booked in for 3 weeks time. I'm just really wondering if anyone else has had this experience and a) then been diagnosed with cc or b) everything's been fine. I was not told what CIN it was or anything, will this also come after the lletz is done? I'm trying to stay positive but finding it difficult. I have no children and me and my partner were going to start trying when all this happened. It frightens me that I may not be able to have any. Thank you in advance for any info. Holly x

So sorry you are going through this. The LLETZ will be treated like a biopsy so they will look at the tissue and grade the CIN from that. Even extensive LLETZ does not have to stop you having a baby. Plenty of women have had LLETZ and gone on to have successful pregnancies. Even if a woman has her cervix removed (trachelectomy) then she can still carry a baby, although risk of miscarriage is higher. I have not had this experience myself and I hope what I've written isn't alarming/insensitive but I wanted to provide some reply/support xxx

Hi MissH,


My best advice is not to think ahead too much. I know this is hard to do. Just focus on having the LLETZ done for now. Some ladies need one or two LLETZ treatments or a cone biopsy which deals with a larger area.

Keep positive.


Thank you both for your replies. Its so anxiety provoking its effecting my work as my concentration levels are terrible for doing my paperwork. I feel like I’m lucky as its all been rushed through quite quickly going off the posts I’ve read. Feels like time is going very slowly though. I will update after my treatment.

Thank you again