Scared about your smear result/ colposcopy?

Hi everyone, 


This is my first post on here, although honestly I've been checking this forum almost obsessively over the last few weeks! There's two reasons I'm writing something now, firstly I just wanted to thank all the amazing, brave women on here; I've not spoken to anyone directly but your posts have provided so much support, reassurance and information that i couldn't find anywhere else. This site has helped me through a difficult time and I would recommend it to anyone who found themselves in a similar situation. So thanks guys :) 


The second reason is that my story has a positive end and I thought if I could share it with other people, who've had abnormal smear results and are terrified like I was, I could maybe put their minds at rest a bit. 


I'm 25 years old and went for my routine smear at the beginning of September. I knew it was something I had to do but didn't have any symptoms so thought it would all be fine, just something to tick off my to-do list! I'd had a colposcopy aged 17 for post coital bleeding but a biopsy had come back normal. I was then surprised when I got a letter 10 days later saying my results had come back as "high grade dyskariosis" and that I was being referred for colposcopy. 


Initially I wasn't too phased by this, but after a day or two I started to google (I know, worst thing to do!) Although everywhere says that these results do not indicate cancer I think it's natural for everyone to assume the worst. After reading people's stories on here I became convinced that I was one of the unlucky few who would have cc diagnosed from a routine smear. After that thinking about cc sort of took over my life, I couldn't sleep, became tearful and spent hours and hours reading about dyskariosis, cc statistics and checking these forums, I was definitely obsessed.  


The care I've had from my local hospital was great, I had a lovely sympathetic consultant and the nurses were really kind. At my colposcopy appointment we talked about my smear results which were in fact "severe dyskariosis", and when she looked at my cervix she said the area of abnormal cells was "average". I had a lletz at the same appointment; I won't go into too much detail as other people have already explained it so well but I will say that it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be with only minimal discomfort. I then had to go home and wait for my results, which was so hard! I was really lucky as my family and friends were really supportive. If I could give any advice it would be don't bottle things up, talking does make you feel better! 


Anyways, two weeks later an envelope arrived and by this stage my mum and I were hysterical. I was convinced that hearing back so soon could only mean bad news. My consultant had written saying that the biopsy had found the "expected" high grade changes, known as "high grade glandular changes" and that I would need to go back in 6 months for a repeat smear and "hpv test of cure". I was so relieved that it was over for now!!  Not exactly out of the woods but nothing further needed at at this stage and from what I've heard lletz has a very high cure rate :)


So to sum up (sorry this has been a bit longer than I intended) if you've had an abnormal smear and are waiting biopsy results/lletz etc please try to stay positive! 1in 20 people have dyskariosis and this is pre-cancer, it is still very rare to diagnose cc this way. You've done your body a great favour finding these abnormal cells before they turn into something serious, but it is terrifying and don't be afraid to share your worries with the people you love. And don't google!!


Linds xxx