Scared about tomorrow

Hi so In 2017 I had my first “abnormal cell change” - diagnosed as CIN1 I have had 3 coloscopies but no treatment...I had a smear in June 2019 and called back again tomorrow for another coloscopy - all have been done under the care of the consultant in my local hospital. I’m very anxious about my appointment tomorrow I rang up abouts it and they said “the consultant will discuss your treatment plan” my letter says abnormal cells..

Anyone been on a similar journey? I’ve been crying half the day with worry and I know could be nothing just so so worried

It's the waiting and uncertainty that's the worst, isn't it. 

The good news is that they are monitoring your cervix very closely and any changes to your CIN1 status will be picked up early. 

As you will already know, a smear is not a diagnostic test - that is what the colposcopy is for. When it says treatment plan, it may just be another watch and wait. 

The period between my abnormal smear letter and my colposcopy was the worst time for me - once you have had your appointment you will know what you are dealing with it's  much easier to cope with emotionally.

If you do need treatment (which I did), it wasn't as bad physically as i was expecting. 

Good luck for tomorrow 



My sister had her first colposcopy last year which was CIN1 and HPV positive, she had a smear this year which said there have been changes so had to go for another colposcopy. They checked and again she was still CIN1 so they are still watching her.

I have recently had the lletz procedure and thought it wasn’t bad, probably better than the colposcopy! Should get my results this week but was told I have CIN3 cells, hopefully they are correct and have got them all x

Thanks for all your replies. I had my appointment today - before hand she said if I find any cells will I burn them off which I replied yes then during the test she said that it wasn’t possible to burn them off and that I would have to come back within the next 2weeks to have an operation under general anaesthetic. I asked was there more there than she thought and she said she was unable to get at them so needs to be general anaesthetic. I asked about the appointment and she said as it will be quick it will be a phone call not a letter. Grateful that they are sorting it but so scared that I have no idea what grade I now have or anything else for that matter 

Sorry to hear that.

Without looking at the cells in the lab, she won't be able to say for definite what grade the cells are but, since they need to be removed, they probably look like CIN2 or CIN3. 

After they remove the cells they will send them to the lab where they can confirm for certain what grade they are and say if clear margins of normal cells show on the removed piece which will show that they have got them all. 

I would recommend writing down all the questions you need answering before your appointment. You will get the chance to talk to your consultant before hand.

I hope it all goes well for you.


Thanks for getting back to me. I have to go in for the operation next week. I have no idea what to expect. The letter just says that I have to be fasting and being a dressing gown? I have tried to find out from the consultants secretary what exactly I am going in for but I can’t get any answer! Anyone else been through this? I don’t know what procedure I am even getting just that it is under general anaesthetic...