Scared about results

Hi all,

I have taken great comfort from reading all the posts here and how supportive everyone is - thank you.

I went for a smear at the end of May and was called for colposcopy due to abnormal result 2 weeks later.  Doctor told me the smear had shown severe changes. He did a LLETZ and afterwards I was told it looked like cancer, but would have to wait until biopsy results confirmed it. 

I was shocked, confused and initially confident that it would all be ok. I have veered between this and thinking the worst. This waiting is awful. 

Just received a letter to say I need to go in on Tuesday to meet the doctor - a week to get results back,which is quick. Is that an urgent referral? I am scared and worried it’s going to be very bad news now.

Thanks for listening - I feel better already sharing it with people who understand. 




I had phone call to go In the same day to be told my results 

Just remember what ever the out come you got this fingers crossed for you xx

Thanks ladies your support is appreciated x