Scared about my treatment

Morning everyone,

Having a panic about my treatment. 25 radio, 5 chemo and 4 brachytherapy. I guess my main concern is will it work?? Or will I get to the end and it's been unsuccessful? :/ weird thoughts I'm having. Side effects scare me and I guess I've just hit a bit of a wall today. Was diagnosed 1b2 adenocarcinoma on the 26th of June. 
Any advice on getting through the treatment? Anything that will help make it easier? 

Hi Charlene I was diagnosed the 4th June with 1b2 squamous cell cc my treatment is the same as yours except I'm having 3 brachytherapys. I have exactly all the same fears and thoughts you do. It's a scary time, but since being on jos Its helped me alot there are ladies who have been were we our and are doing good now, so it's really best to try and stay positive I know it's easier said than done trust me I do. I've just finished my 1st week of treatment and I do feel tired and a little sickly but the hospital have given me anti sickness tablets. But up to now it's all been doable. Im just glad i can tick one week off and I only have 4 more to go! The week went pretty quickly once you get in to the swing of things it will just become a little routine for you. I know I can't help much because I'm not that much further ahead of you but if you ever need a chat im always here.

take care hun



Thank you, I received my chemo schedule this morning and it’s just such a scary thought. I find the adenocarcinoma thing scares me too as it’s more unusual I convince myself that makes it harder to treat, even though I know that’s not the case. Wish someone could tell my brain lol. My chemo starts on the 28th then I have both chemo and radiation on the 4th. Sometimes wonder how at 26 I’ve ended up here. Hope ur treatment goes well and it stays at a tolerable level. Thanks again :slight_smile: x


This is the most scary time for you. I finished my treatment April 2013, I had 28 radios, 3   brachytherapy and 5 chemos of cisplatin. I was completely petrified!! It was all ABSOLUTELY fine, there were times were I struggled but overall it was manageable. The fear of the brachytherapy is the worst bit.....I thought it was not half as bad as I imagined it to be, a long time being flat, take a partner or friend to help with drinks and food, as you cannot move.

Please do not fear, as you will get though this!! I am well at the moment and getting on with my life.

With the very best of wishes

Jayne xx


Hi !

My treatment finished on the 6th of May 2014. My diagnosis was stage 2b adenocarcanoma node positive. I had HD 28 external radiotherapy 5 chemotherapy of cisplatin and three brachytherapy. I totally understand your fears and anxieties. Everyone is different and responds differently to the treatment. I didn't have any sickness despite having High dose treatment. I did have side effects, some tiredness, cystitis from the radiation but no skin irritation, mild bowel problems, aching shins and I went off coffee lol.

Stay positive and try not focus on the possible side effects. The weeks go by very quickly and the treatment just becomes a daily routine. I've come out the other side hon. Going back to work on Monday and my first follow up scans next month.

I'm sure you'll do fine sweetie, take plenty of things with you on your chemo day and someone to talk to lol. I never done so many crosswords! Brachytherapy for me absolutely fine. Nothing at all to worry about, in fact I found it quite relaxing lol ( maybe I'm a little odd)

All the best with you treatment schedule hon. If you want to ask me anything you can message me.

Hugs Nicky x

I wasn't afraid of the radiation once I understood how it was delivered, but I was absolutely completely petrified of chemo.

Told my chemo oncologist, through tears, how afraid I was and he was terrific. During chemo everyone has been kind and helpful. But it was no picnic. Don't mean to be punny, because you really can bring your own picnic with you. Bring variety because you never know what will look good. Another person, book, kindle, stuff you like to do are all good things to bring.

Whatever you do, make sure you get loads of fluids and do always eat. Sometimes I lived on cottage cheese or peanut butter and jam sandwiches. Just eat and drink good stuff.

Best wishes, Katie

hi charlene,

just to stick a note in, ive just done 6 taxol/carbo chemo, 4 cisplatin 26 ext radio and the first 2 brachy this week. Still waiting to be discharged today woop woop. for me chemo went fine, hair fell out and got pretty spotty on my back and shoulders. felt a bit sicky after the first ever chemo in the morning but the pills stopped that, by the 3rd week i wasnt taking any meds after the chemo as i felt fine afterwards, i stopped the steroids too as theyre just for sickness and im sure they made me put on weight but that could just be because of the sitting around more than usual. The radio gave me watery bowels but some immodium helped to get it under control. My skin never got sore as I used the aqueous gel they supplied and baby lotion inbetween as you shouldn't use the aqueous BEFORE treatment!!!

The brachy was a bit worrying the sound of metal rods being stuck up you, I didnt like the sound of having an enema either but that was just like a small bottle of super glue being squirted up your back end and not being attached to a machine with tubes etc like i imagined colonic irrigation to be. they then put you on codeine to stop your bowels moving and only get  light snacks like toast crackers and sandwiches for the duration of the treatment. on the day of the insertion of the rods they take you to theatre give you your GA and about an hour and a half later your awak with your legs slightly spread, laying pretty flat with a pillow and stitches down below to keep it all in place, i had 3 which i gather is the average. You get rolled by the nurses to freshen you up now and again and  they will keep an eye on the positioning of the rods with ct scans, they slide you on and off different scan beds and your own so that you dont move too much. It's all painless, i was given a  morphine pump which most doctors will prescribe and you can have other meds as a top up. The only pain i had was when they took one stitch out as it was pulling quite tightly, it killed as i wasnt given any pain relief before he cut it and by the time i was back on the ward i was in tears, my own fault for not complaining about the pain though but then it just built up as everything down there was disturbed, the nurse saw me and gave me an injection so the pain stopped within 2 minutes. The removal was done under gas and air so it just had the feeling of the 'packing' being unravelled inside you but there was no pain and after i was given oramorph so im sitting fine and dandy again, it all just feels swollen down there now so wipe gently when going to the loo. Theres a bit of blood so bring pads for after. Now I just need to do it all again next week and maybe 2 - 3 weeks again after but having done it once its no longer a worry. Bring drinks and small nibbles as my ward seemed to ignore me quite a lot so was left without water and had to keep requesting food, they only rolled me once which they should do every 2 hrs but that was fine by me i hate being fiddled with etc. just want the basics lol, that was just my unfortune, hope yours keep an eye on you more. You will be fine xxxxx