Scared about my treatment

Morning everyone,

Having a panic about my treatment. 25 radio, 5 chemo and 4 brachytherapy. I guess my main concern is will it work?? Or will I get to the end and it's been unsuccessful? :/ weird thoughts I'm having. Side effects scare me and I guess I've just hit a bit of a wall today. Was diagnosed 1b2 adenocarcinoma on the 26th of June. 
Any advice on getting through the treatment? Anything that will help make it easier? 

Hi Charlene,

The worries you are feeling are normal for all of us,and all I

can say is that lots of ladies have had the treatment you are

having and it has been totally successful.Yes,side effects are

an issue of varying degrees,but your care team will be there

for you through out and there is alway's something they can

give you to help.Some ladies have no side effects.It is such

a personal thing.

Please ask if you have any problems I am sure lots of us will

be able to share our experiences and help.My main problem

was sickness,so I got some Gin Gin's from the health food shop

(ginger sweets)They really helped.

Good luck with everything,try not to worry(you will !!) and it

will be over before you know it.(drink loads of water,really helps)

Take care

Becky x

Hello Charlene, I am sending little positive support to you. And some good news. Ask your doctor if this new muchroom-extract treatment is available and possible. Because int his treatment the body heals itself, according to the researchers.

See what this article says: The fight against cervical cancer may have a friend in a much-studied mushroom extract called active hexose correlated compound (AHCC). These findings were presented at the Society of Gynecological Oncology 45th Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer in Tampa, Florida. Basically, AHCC is a type of immunotherapy. That means it helps the body heal itself.


hi charlene,

just on a positive note, im having 31 radio, had ten chemo and done 2 out of 6 brachy... im doing good so far and havent had any probs with the side effects, it will affect everyone different but it shouldnt scare you just take each hurdle as it comes babe. you lose your hair, get tired, maybe sores, sickness is controlled by medicines as is the bowels if you get those probs which not all do... there are other side effects but i havent had any worries with them so even though they explain all the worst case scenarios its just so youre aware of them doesnt mean you will get them. As for working, my tumour was 4cm back in april and is now down to 1.5cm before i started the brachy. I dont know what affect the brachy will have but my consultant is adamant that the brachy will get rid of the rest of the tumour without mentioning hysterectomys etc so as you are im hoping it will work as best as can be expected. I was at stage 3 but must be down to a stage 1/2 now so i believe it does work and its worth the fight!!!!


go for it hun, the ladies on here are amazing as a backbone to help you through with any worries etc.