Scared about cervical cancer


I hope you don't mind me posting here as I haven't actually been diagnosed with cervical cancer. I'm really scared though. I have just made a donation so I don't feel so bad about posting!

I'm 28. When I was 19 I had a smear and was found to have cervical ectropion. I think that then cleared up and I've since had 2 or 3 normal smears. The last one was December 2016.

I seem to remember that they checked me in my early 20s, they said I didn't have HPV. However, I wouldn't be at all surprised if I had it now.

I had a tiny bit of bleeding after sex recently so my doctor checked my cervix and said I have ectropion again. She says it's not cancer. I'm so worried she's wrong! There is a picture below. At the top, and coming down to the right, there is a strange white area which looks like ulceration to me.

I was wondering if I was worrying over nothing or if I should get a smear. I know that sometimes cancer can be missed on smears. Or if it had started in the cervical canal it might not have been picked up last time.

I know some people reckon that you can get cervical cancer about a decade after ectropion too!

Thank you everyone.


Hi The_Berry,

I just wanted to post to reasurre you that cervical ectropion is NOT linked to the development of cervical cancer or any other condition that causes cancer. We have a section on the Jo's website about cervical extropion which you might want to read -

I hope that helps to reasure you, but please do ring the helpline if you have any questions or would like extra support, 0808 802 8000.

Best wishes,