Scared about biopsy results

Hi ladies
No point to this post as manh are probbalh going through or are going through same thing.
Had smear in january and got phone call to come in for colposcopy the next day nearly 3 weeks ago. I was shocked as i had received no letter about my smear so assumed it was fine as it was so long ago!! Phoned gp to confirm this and they said my letter probably still to come in post but it was right i was now hpv positive and cell changes. I was so shocked and upset. I was lucky to get an appointment apparently it was to fill in gaps for appointments they had.
So next day i went appointment and straight away she said i needed a biopsy!! Again i was so shocked and cried all the way through it!! Doc never mentioned the level but jus said she ddmt think it was cancer but you mever know in medicine as nothing is 100% she said. She was like i need to do biopsy to see if it needs trested or wait 12months as i reallynot sure. She was not very convincing everything was ok. Told its a 6-8week wait in glasgow area but seeing other posts i think it might be longer! And like other posts the wait is a killer everyday im scared when phone rings or post comes. Its awful.
I have 4 kids in fact jus had a baby 6 months ago!! Such a scary feeling the thoight of leaving them or not being there for them properly.