Scared about appointment after cervial biopsy

glad it went ok!

they scare the sh1t out of you will all these appointments dont they!

thanks, yeah they really do, especially as mine mentioned oncology, and I never got any results. I really thought it must be cancer! x

Tell me about it, just under two weeks after I had my first smear I got a phone call from the hospital fast-track appointments department confirming an appointment with a consultant for a week later. No smear results, nothing. Panic was not the word. I got my smear results the next day and they were moderate but I’d already convinced myself of the worst because of the whole call thing. Then I got my hospital letter through, googled the consultant and he’s a GYN-Oncologist and I flipped out completely. Turns out, when I got to the hospital, that’s just how they do it round here, if they have an appointment soon they put you in (noone mentioned this to me lol) and I saw a nurse colp. not the consultant (which if someone just told me on the phone would have been much better).

While I can’t fault the swiftness of how I was seen and treated, or the nurses who treated me, I’d rather the NHS didn’t go scaring the crap out of young women - the stress alone can NOT be good for us! x


       I just wanted to say i hope everything goes well. It is absolutely terrifying, i had a similar letter too and mine all started from my very first smear too. I have CIN 1+2 at the moment although they have decided that they want to wait and see what happens, i had a laparoscopy yesturday so im very sore today and full of trapped wind in my shoulder blades. Im now awaiting my 4th colposcopy which is on the 18th dec, i only turned 25 in febuary.

Good luck and keep us posted




just wondering whether anyone has had an appointment to see the consultant after biopsy taken? all the letter says that he wants to see me to discuss results!

Sorry just read your comments site must of taken me to this discussion xxxxxxx