Scared about appointment after cervial biopsy

Hi Ladies, I went for my first smear test about 6 weeks ago (I have just turned 25) coincidently it was just a few weeks after I started having abnormal bleeding (which my doctor told me was nothing to worry about!) I didn't even receive a letter with my smear results, I was called in to the doctors and he told me 'this is not a normal result' a few times and said I had an appointment at the hospital 3 days later. I had a colposcopy at the hospital just over 3 weeks ago and they took a biopsy, the Dr told me I would receive the results by letter. However on Saturday (about 3 weeks after) I got a letter, I thought it would be the results but instead it was an appointment for this thursday (19th October) with no mention of the biopsy results. The letter says the appointment is with the gynae-oncology service, so obviously... I'm scared to death now! I am worried as I have not had a smear before... if the age was lowered this might not be happening! Also sadly for 6 months before this my husband and I were trying for a baby with no luck, so the fact that this may all result in not being able to have children is also causing a lot of stress :o( If anyone has had this kind of letter before, after a biopsy I would really appreciate some advice/stories! Thank you! Sophie x

That’s all very confusing! No wonder you’re in a state! Is there a number on the letter that you could ring for more information? I had to do that a couple of times as the letters I received were so vague! They were quite helpful when I rang up though and gave me more of an explanation.
I hope it goes well for you on Thursday. It’s only a couple more days of waiting and then you will at least have more information on what’s going on!
Keep us posted with what happens.
Bex xx

Hey Sophie, i havent experienced this im sure other girls here might have. Do you know what your smear results were?? The waiting in between appointments is the worst! I didnt eat for 2 weeks and ended up on antidepressants when i found out id severe pre cancer cells. I suffer anxiety and just couldnt stop worrying. Im sure you have found it hard this week and thursday cant come quick enough. Did you contact your doctor to see can he tell you anything? xxx

Thanks Bex, there is only a number to phone if you cant attend, so I guess I will wait it out till thurs with my fingers crossed, just want to know whats going on then I will be able to deal with it better! I hope they will actually give me the results on thurs and not just do more tests. And No sheila I never even got my smear results! And my stupid doctor just scared me to death and sent me on my way! I will have to make sure I ask lots of questions this time so its a bit clearer. Anyhoo all we can do is just carry on and keep smiling eh girls? x

I haven’t heard of anyone not receiving smear results before. It sounds like very poor communication on their part and to not even have a number to ring with any questions is ridiculous! Thank goodness u won’t have to wait to long to find out. I would certainly have something to say about the way you have been treated though!
Bex xx

Yeah I never really even thought about not getting the smear results till now! My doctor obviously got them which is why he called me in but like I say he just said ‘this is not a normal result’ and ‘thats why we have smears to catch these things early’. He never gave me any details. Yes communication in my area seems to be a bit slow as I received a letter with leaflets about ‘what to expect when you go for a colposcopy’ the day after I had it done! I realise now the gynacologist probably assumed I already knew the results, because she didn’t tell me any details either! I’m going to mention my lack of results as soon as I get in this time, and I have written a list of questions to take with me, it all happens so fast when your in there, its hard to remember what you wanted to say isn’t it!

Sophie the doctor wasnt going to tell me my result either only i asked. I knew about cin so i asked was mine the worst cin and he said yes. I freaked lol. Im thinking he wasnt going to tell me because i suffer bad anxiety though. He just said ‘its abnormal and you will need biopsy’ then i asked him to tell me result… Its awful when you are being kept in the dark, it makes you think the worst and go through so much stress :frowning:

Yeah it does make you think the worst! I’ve been on a bit of a roller-coaster of emotions these past few days!
At the time my doc called me in I hadn’t looked into it enough to know anything about CIN so I didn’t think to ask. I’m guessing it wasn’t good though as they rushed me in for a colposcopy so quick. Just want some answers now! x

By the way hope you don’t have to wait too long Sheila, best of luck xxx

Thanks Rosehip, I’ve just made a list of questions, and writing down the answers is a good idea too, feel better now i’m on here talking to others about it who are going through the same thing! x

Sophie you said your app is 19th? 19th is friday, tomorrows 18th. Is your app tomorow? Just hope you didnt get days mixed up. How are you hun? Xx

oops I meant the 18th! I’m ok, just want to get it over with and know whats going on! How are you? x

oh thats good, was imagining you going and being told youd the wrong day! What times your app at? How are you feeling tonight? Its hard to sleep isnt it. I wish you could make your mind stop even just a night time so you can sleep. Im not too bad, 3-4 week wait for my results. Bleeding bad and cramps atm, hoping it eases a bit soon xxx

have you just had yours then? yeah not been sleeping since I got that letter, was ok before then! its the fact they havent told me the results that makes it so much worse. I had bleeding after the biopsy then my period on time which was awful then the bleeding stopped and it was just like… liquid! for about 5 days then the bleeding started again, which is the same sort of pattern that was happening before the biopsy, didn’t last for as many days this time though, and after 3 weeks it was all pretty much back to normal. I do have a weird feeling in my stomach all the time though… dont know whether its stress/nerves or something going on in there! Hope you get your results soon x

I had lletz on monday. Was told 3-4 weeks for results. Good luck tomorrow hun, will say a prayer for you tonight xxxx

try not to worry too much girls 95 per cent of referrals are clear after lletz.
here is a handy bit of info

hope its goes well today, whatever the outcome this site is a great support


UPDATE! ok so I went for my appointment today, had to wait an hour and a half to go in again which didn’t help the nerves!
Anyway when I got in, the doctor was surprised I hadn’t got the biopsy results, but she explained I had CIN2 (which is way better then I was expecting!) but the biopsy indicated there may be more (or worse) areas further up into the womb, so I have to have an operation on the 29th October to take away part of my cervix and have a hysteroscopy at the same time to see if there are more abnormal cells inside the womb.
I’m really relieved that there’s no cancer found so far.
I asked about pregnancy as we’ve been trying for a while, so one of my big fears was being infertile and they said it wouldn’t prevent pregnancy but it may cause complications in pregnancy like pre term labour. But I take that as really positive cos I had really thought it would never happen for me.
I’m a bit scared about the op because I’ve never been under general anesthetic before, and not sure about the recovery time, they said its a loop excision but taking away as much as a cone biopsy, plus the hysteroscopy, anyone had this done before??
Then of course there will be mooore waiting for results after the op and possible another operation after depending what they find, so its not quite over yet but I feel like a weight has been lifted of my shoulders (quite literally, my muscles are killing me! lol)
Hope all turns out well for others waiting for biopsy results! xxx

Hi Sophie,

I’ve not posted on your thread before but just wanted to say I’ve had a read through and I’m so pleased you’ve had good news :slight_smile: Best of luck for your next appointment and your operation! Try not to worry too much about having the general - I’ve never had one but my mum has and she said you were just awake one minute and then awake the next and it wasn’t even like you’d been asleep :slight_smile: x x x

Thanks Becky, and thank you to everyone else I’ve spoke to as well, you’re all fab :smiley: x