Scared - 6 month check up!

Hi all


I was dianosed in July 14 after my forst abnormal smear (I attended regulary). I had an abnormal smear then a colposcopy, LLETZ and then had to go back to hospital to discuss results! I had 1a1 cervical cancer. They had clear margins and the report said "less than 0.1mm" so that sounds good to me! They offered me another lletz to check that it was all gone and the results came back that it was! Phew. Now, next Monday I have my 6 month check and I am seriously scared. What if it has come back already, what if I have to have another colposcopy!! Arrrahhhhh! What are your experiences if you are in the same boat as me??

May 2014 - Abnormal Smear

June 2014 Colposcopy and LLETZ

July 2014 - Dignosed 1a1

July 2014 - 2nd LLETZ

August 2014 - Results all clear

Jan 2014 - Will have 6 month check

Hi Jelly bean!


I have been in kind of the same situation as you, apart from I had CGIN and 1A1 removed by only one Lletz. Was offered a second tratment but my doctor advised one should be enough at my age with no children(Im 24, 23 when this happened) anyway had my 6 month check up and all was clear, this was in September & due my next one in March which I am already gearing myself up for! Hope this helps x 

I had 1b2 Adenocarcinoma.  Weekly Chemo, 6 weeks radiotherapy, 2 brachytherapy.  Could not do surgery as tumour was too big.  My first check up was awful.  The next was slightly better, the one after was better again.  I used to go 3 monthly, then 4 monthly and now 6 monthly.  The relief of coming out of that first check up was fabulous, knowing I don't have to go back for another 12 weeks.  It is natural to worry, but it will get better.  Take someone with you, I usually take my best friend.  She comes into the room with me, does not wait outside in the waiting room.  And we always plan something to do after.  Even if it's just going into the hospital cafe, for a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream!!!!