My sister had her first scan in October after all her treatment chemo/rads/brachy for stage 1B2 cervical cancer and got the all clear. She had her results from her 2nd scan today and the results do not seem as positive. Her oncologist told her that she is not worried but that there are changes to her cervix and that she cannot tell if it is scar tissue from the treatment or cancer and they will discuss her at there MDT meeting today. She has to now wait for another MRI scan in 3 months. How can they not tell? We are worried sick any advice would be appreciated thanks xxx

Hi. I think most of us had scar tissue and need rescanning after 3 months. I think they can tell by the changes. I'm presuming that scar tissue doesn't grow whereas cancer cells do

Hi Philleepa thanks for replying. She didn't have anything showing after her first scan in October and now she is being told that there are changes and that she cannot say for sure whether it is scar tissue or cancer, you would think they could tell the difference surely.

Ah, I don't know then.

I suppose the scar tissue might thicken as time goes on. when you burn yourself it doesn't scar over straight away so perhaps it's the same thing x 

Hi there. 

The radiation can keep working for up to 6 mths after treatment so she could have developed scar tissue between her scans. Most reports will say what the characteristics of the cells. For example if they feel it might be the cancer the report would read globular cells in area of tumour site.

if they were very concerned it was the cancer they would bring her in and under GA take a physical look and take some biopsys. The fact they are not doing this indicates they are leaning more that it is scar tissue. 

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