Scar tissue after lletz


I had a lletz procedure to remove abnormal cells about a yeat ago, and have had two follow up smears in the past 6 months. For the past 3 months however, sex has become very uncomfortable. I feel extremely tight, to a point where entry is not always a possiblilty, and when it is, I experience a stabbing/nipping sensation during sex. I mentioned it on my most recent check up a couple of weeks ago, and the nurse said she could see some scarring and redness. She didn’t give any indication of how long it would last, of if I could do anything about it.

After some googling, I’m now starting to stress out about the possiblilty of scarring leading to difficulty conceiving! Any experiences or advise would be greatly welcomed! x

hi, i didnt want to just read and run as you had no replies. i too had cells removed about a year ago and it can sometimes still be a little tender during intercourse. Not always though i think it depends on position (sorry tmi) I think it can get better but it will take time and each person will be different. i am not too sure what affect it has on conceiving, however i was told that after having cells removed, if you do conceive you have a higher chance of going into early labour as ur cervix is weaker than it was before. hope this helps. x 

Hi I also had Lletz in September and it's been painful having sex ever since a few times its reduced me to tears I've also had some bleeding after as well. Ive been to my Drs repeatedly over it and one has finally taken me serious and I'm booked in for an examination on Tuesday she did say it could just be scar tissue though. I didn't know it could affect conceiving I'll make sure I ask about it as I'm trying for no2. Hope you get some answers soon X