scar pain .. 9 months post surgery

Hello I was diagnosed with cervical cancer last June, aged 39. I had a radical abdominal hysterectomy and 6 weeks of radiotherapy & one session of brachytherapy. Just wondering if anyone out there who have had similar experience? My scar still aches so much and even stings! I also have hip pain,(right) and seem to have multiple uti’s …im also so tired all the time! A bit fed up!

Oh bless you Sam,

I had pretty much exactly the same treatment as you, I think my final brachy was four years ago yesterday. I found my scar quite the most depressing thing about the whole experience. I can't remember now if it used to ache or sting, most probably it did, there is an enormous amount of healing to be done after the abdomen wall has been cut all the way through and it wouldn't surprise me if that's what you can feel. I know that healing is often itchy/tickly so I wonder if aches and stings are much the same. For me it was about 13 months after diagnosis that I realised that I just wasn't a happy bunny and went off in search of a counsellor. Luckily I found one and she did me a power of good. Assuming you are based in UK you can probably get referred by a Macmillan nurse. In fact, reading your post again that's definitely where you should start. Get hold of either your own CNS or Macmillan, tell them about the aches and the stings, the hip pain, the UTIs, the fatigue and being fed up and I'm sure they will find you exactly what you need to put a smile back on your face :-)

Be lucky :-)