Hi ladies

I pray all is well for everyones. I live in the US and here they like for u to get a breast exam when u r 40 so i found out i have cc right after i turned 40 so now they want me to get one so just wanted to say i am scared because i have to go have one afaird that something will be there. Then on the 5th of sept. I go for my first ct scans since all my treatment. I am really scared. Also i have to have another colpostomy becauae my first pap smear since treatment came back that i still had hvp but other then that all was good. Just woundering if anyone else is like me scared or am i crazy:-)

OK so a parcel arrives for your birthday but you don't want to open it in case it isn't a gift you want. Would that make any sense? Just leaving a big box in your hallway never knowing if what is inside is good or bad? It might be a cake that would be really tasty but after a while would go mouldy and begin to stink. It's much more difficult to get rid of the stink than it would have been either to open the parcel or to eat the cake.

No, you aren't crazy. We're all scared, but hiding from it makes it worse.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Tivoli,

Thank u for answering me back. Hope all is well for u. Was woundering about u havent seen u on for awhile and u was one of the first persons to talk to me when i came onto jos.


Hi Mousey-poppet :-)

I've been having a bit of a sabbatical this summer, hope nobody minds ;-) I turned my own five-year corner in April and spent a while focussing on my husband, who had throat-cancer. He is now apparently out of danger and is recovering well. I also have a couple of other cervical cancer patients I speak with one-to-one offline because they are a bit more timid to speak publicly here, so please pardon my absence, I see Lolli has been doing marvellous work in my absence :-)

Be lucky :-)


That is great news 5 years. I would be doing the same. Glad to hear your huaband is better pray that all stays good.:-)