Scan results

Oh well scan showing nothing no cracks to my pelvis or anything so doc doesn't know why I'm sore oh well don't think I will be going back to the doc they just are not intrested in side effects after chemo and radiotherapy  I will just get on with my life  being sore so pissed off with them 

I'm sorry Leanne! Have you tried a pain specialist? I think some doctors are not good with pain issues. Most pain consultants are really good, and help people to be able to function with their pain. I haven't had a consult myself, but I've worked with them. Pain especially when it becomes chronic, is debilitating and depressing. I hope things improve for you.

I'm always cramped and sore! I'm a year out of treatment, I'm still weak in the pelvis if I sit too long and about 3 x a month I get these awful low pelvic cramps that my oncologist thinks could be issues with the colon due to radiation. I'm tired of pain but no one takes me serious so I'm just going to live with it. Sometimes I still can't stand up well after I have been sitting. I'm 33 and feel like I'm 80.

Hi Leanne I found great relief with an osteopath after not getting any better with a physio, acupuncturist, remedial masseuse or myotherapit Let alone the narcotics my Dr subscribed me. The good thing about the osteopath is she works on the periphery of your pain towards the problem. She was also the only one who identified the cause of my pain. It wasn't my joints but the shortening of my tendons and ligaments that made moving painful. We are making progress. Maybe one can help you. Jayne