Scan results this morning

Hi All, I was recently diagnosed with cc earlier this month. What a roller-coaster of emotions while waiting to find out how much cancer is there! I finally got some answers this morning. I had an mri and pet scan done last week. I spoke with the nurse this morning. She said I had a 5 cm mass that has not spread outside the cervix. That is such a huge relief to know it hasn’t spread. I’m scheduled for conization this week. Not really sure what the treatment plan will be in my situation just yet but feeling some relief just knowing it hasn’t spread. If anyone has a similar situation what is typically the treatment options in this situation?

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I am glade that the mass hasn’t spread and it is only in your cervix. This is good news, however I cannot stop wandering are you sure it is 5cm and not 5mm? It sounds strange that they offered conization for a 5cm mass even if it hasn’t spread. Conization is a procedure to remove abnormal cells. Usually 5cm Cc it is considered advanced and it is treated by chemo rads. Hope everything goes well with your procedure! Xxx

Hi Maria, The conization procedure was scheduled before the results from the scan came back. She did say 5 cm and that the doctor would be looking over my scan results tomorrow and that she would be calling me back tomorrow. I’m not sure if they will continue with procedure or do something different at this point. It’s all really confusing.
I do know at my first visit with the oncologist he tried to get a biopsy and said he would have to do it under anesthesia because my cervix was very distorted and uterus tilted. Perhaps that is the reason for conization. I haven’t officially had a biopsy since diagnosis just squamous cell carcinoma came back on pap and showed up in scans.

Hi, I too have 5cm CC. I have had MRI and CT and have also been told it hasn’t spread. I had to have a PET scan yesterday as I have a small spot on my liver which they don’t think is related to CC but have got to investigate. The doctor should have my results back in 3 days and I am hoping to hear something back soon about what treatment I will be receiving. Keep us posted of your treatment, hope all goes well xx

Hi Myrtle, I’ve had a lot happen since I last posted. After my scans I actually called my doctors office and the nurse read me the report from the scans which I misinterpreted as being confined to the cervix. After meeting with my doctor he told me the mass was partially blocking my right ureter and I was stage 3b as it had spread to right side pelvic wall as well. I start my treatments January 18. I sincerely hope the spot on your liver turns out to be nothing to worry about. Please update when you find out.

How are you doing on your treatment?