Scan In Jan & Results


I’m now post four weeks from treatment & life is back to nearly normal. I still have some side effects but nothing to write about. I have my onc appointment on 8th Jan, then my scan, then results. I’m keeping myself busy with the festivities, & life, but I am getting so scared for January. I want me & my life back again.

Sending you all positive vibes and love x

Letz Procedure
Diagnosed with 1b CC
Rad Hysterectomy
4 Chemo
25 Radio
3 Brachy

Sounds as though you are doing brilliantly post treatment. To feel nearly back to normal is some achievement after all you have been through. I'm sure you will have nothing to worry about when you get your results. Best of luck to you, and keep moving forward positively.

Hi Sylvia :-)

I see you've had the full menu of treatments :-) Just like me. I know just how scary the first few follow-up exams can be, but you will get your life back again, it's not like this forever. Try just counting down the days until you get some good news :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thinking of you. Big hugs and praying for good news xxx

Hi, I am the same as you I have my pet scan on the 4th then my ct scan on the 25th! I need to bring it forward.

I am having a wobble too as I have been so string throughout all the treatment and I was really really poorly with it buy now waiting to see if it's worked has got to me.

Hopefully we both have the good news we want! Fingers crossed xx