Scan for reoccurrence??

Afternoon girls! 

So I have my ct scan booked due to hip/leg/buttock  pains. My Gp says they are coming from my back and my hips are fine. In my preliminary scans they found a hole in one of my vertebrae and a lesion which they re scanned after my op. this pain is new a constant dull ache made better by movement but hurts more lying and sitting. Also had a few episodes of urge incontinence.

So, my million dollar question is.... Have any of you guys had this and been re scanned? Can anyone describe if they had any pains before reoccurrence being found and where it was. 

Thanking you all in advance. 


Keeping my fingers crossed for you Julia



I'm sorry I can't answer your question but I just wanted to wish you good luck 

Clare xxx

Hi Julia,

I have had the pains you are having before my recurrence and since treatment for recurrence.

I have waited three months to get an appointment with the pain clinic and have now been

diagnosed with Radiotherapy induced lumbarsacral plexopathy.....No sign of cancer.

I was convinced it was back....So I guess after the treatment for cancer you just have to

trust they are keeping an eye on things because our bodies give us all sorts of mixed

signals and sleepless nights.

I hope you find out what is causing the pain ASAP because the not knowing is what I find

hard to deal with.

One thing I have learned.....Our bodies DO hurt for a reason,it may not be cancer but that

does not mean we have to live with it.(the new me as I was told!!!)

Please PM me if you need to know anything else.

All the best

Becky x

Thanks ladies. was in so much pain last night nearly took myself to hospital. Gp appt this morning, definately something going on in my back. 'Could it be bone mets?' 'It's possible' Great! 

Got some Tramadol and now an urgent MRI referral as well as the CT. 

Hopefully get some answers soon.