Sarcoma - is this really rare?

My consultant called and advised the test results of my biopsy are almost there but it appears I have cervical Sarcoma.

He tells me this is very rare and I can't find any information on this forum.

Grade 1B - hysterectomy booked next week.  

Has anybody else got experience of this type of diagnosis?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Megan,

Welcome to the forum, I am sorry that you have needed to find us here. Yes, Sarcoma is really rare, I've just been Googling it for you (It's usually best to get somebody else to do your Googling for you). I found some good information on a site called webmd but when I tried linking it this site blocked me as spam!

I hope this helps even if I can't be as helpful as I tried :-(

Be lucky :-)

How are you doing I’m post op of 6 weeks and had R Hysterectomy and HG ESSarcoma removed stage 2b
Currently waiting for infected site to heal then Radiation external and internal -what follow up treatment have you had -hopes all well for you and life’s back so some kind of normality