Sample was inadequate - twice in a row

First smear post (9 months) baby came back inadequate and had to be re done 3 months later. According to the nurse there was blood on the sample.

Re-test is also inadequate and the nurse says for the same reason. Does anyone know, because I'm getting rather worried and I have to wait three months before trying again, why there could be blood on the sample twice?

Hiya, as far as I know if there is blood on the sample three times then you should get referred for a colposcopy. You can have blood  on your sample for a few reasons 1. you didn't go in the middle of your cycle 2. like me you could have a cervical ectropion (cervical erosion) and your cervix bleeds easily because of this.  I have already had one test come back inadequate so im hoping that my next test (which is due in about 14 days) doesn't come back the same. You can either wait and go for another test in three months or have a word with your doctor and go over your concerns and see what they say to you. It is a worrying time and I do sympathize with you but im sure that its nothing sinister. Good luck!

I've had 4 smear test in the 2 1/2 years since I was old enough. I had one come back inadequate and then when I went back in 3 months the brush was covered in blood and I was so nervous it would be inadequate again but it came back fine. Had another smear today and she said I had an erosion and I noticed the brush had some blood on it but she didn't seem bothered. I've only just come off my period as well because getting appointments is a nightmare. Fingers crossed  for no inadequate this time too!

Glad that your second one came back fine. Sometimes when you have just come off your period the cervix still may have blood on it slightly or it may be more sensitive (hence blood also) It is annoying when it comes back as inadequate as you have to go and have another one done. When I saw the nurse she said cervical erosion is fairly common and nothing to worry about. Yes, I hope your most recent test comes back okay too (im sure that it will do)