Same result for 4 years

Hello, my smear shows cin1 for 4 years now. The colposcopy shoes that everything is normal.
I am very worried about the next steps they can take, they told they will perform lletz of the smear is still cin1, doesn’t matter the colposcopy can’t find it.
Has anyone been in the same situation and what was you outcome?
Thank you!

Hi Sil
I haven’t got personal experience however they cannot force you to have a LLETZ if you really don’t want to.

A LLETZ can be both a treatment and a diagnostic tool, someone will analyse the cells in the LLETZ and determine level of abnormalities which may be better/worse than colposcopy or biopsy.

You can choose to not have a LLETZ for now and see if your immune system can finally clear the HPV infection itself. You can also change your mind and elect to have it

Hopefully someone will come along with useful personal experience x

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