Sad news Sarah144

It is with a very heavy heart that my dear friend Sarah144 sadly passed away today (24/03) from cervical cancer. Although not her real name I am abstaining from releasing it in respect to her family.  Sarah and I met through the Jos trust forum in Oct 2011 after both being diagnosed with stage 2b with lymphnode involvement. We had various discussions before we realised we were both being treated in the same hospital. We finally met when eventually our treatment dates coiincided with eachother and instantly became eachothers crutch through chemoradiation and brachy...through comparing wigs to the grilling side effects ... but in June 2012 we both recieved our first all clear and took to drinking Prosecco under the stars of Belfast. It was April last year she received the news that her cancer had returned and right up until today she fought so hard to stay with her loving husband and two beautiful daughters. I am now without my beautiful friend and can only try to remember the energy she had for life and all that you can experience in it....some of her last words to me were LIVE LIVE LIVE and let nothing stand in your way.... I can only do as she asked but for now if you ladies could remember my gorgeous angel and her family in your prayers...

I will forever miss you my darling friend

Nic xx thoughts are with you and her family at this time. stay strong ..all my love lea xxx

Thankyou Lea, I feel very lost without my friend right now x

You will do hun ..i cant imagine what you must be feeling right now , anytime you need a chat i will be there for you as will other great women on here xxx

Thoughts are with you and her family xxx

Hi Nic

We are so very sorry to hear about Sarah's passing. I know you must miss your friend terribly, it sounds like you went through such a lot together.

Please know that we are thinking of you and all of Sarah's loved ones, particularly her husband and children. 

We're here for you should you need us and are sending strength to the Jo's community during this very sad time.

My very best wishes


So very sorry to read this, my thoughts are with you and Sarah’s family. It’s a credit to this site you were as to share your experiences and become friends.
May she rest with the angels now, all my love Jade xxx

Thankyou so much for all your kind words. I will be forever grateful to this site for bringing Sarah into my life and the close friendship that we developed because of it. I do feel this forum is the best place for giving eachother strength and support in these hard times.


Lots of love and thanks


Hello Nicola, I'm so sorry to hear about your good friend, it must be heartbreaking for everyone who loved her.  

This is sadly, the thing we fear most I think, that it will returnand as in your friends case - to devastating effect.  It's amazing how many people we meet on our journey, hospital visits, appointments, & here on Jo's website.  Many a good friendship has been formed here between ladies all affected by the same thing - only because of this  we really can bond so strongly with one another, - some in the physical sense as you were able to do and others in 'cyberspace'.  It really is good being able to come on here & 'talk' sometimes have a good ol' rant when we're feeling angry or low as  sometimes is the case.  Thank goodness for Jo's.

I'm guessing you were treated in [hospital name removed]- if you were stargazing there too.  That is also where I had my treatment, under the wing of the fantastic Oncology team of [consultants names removed].  I can't say enough about the amazing staff there, ward 3 where I had chemo & the radiotherapy dept - great team.

Going forward - do as much as you can, fit everything in, ''don't put off 'til tomorrow that which you can do today''!  That is how I've been living my life since all active treatment ended in July 2013.   I'm going to be good to myself as much as I can and I hope you take your friends advice  LIVE LIVE LIVE!

God Bless


Thankyou Sharon

Yes it was Belfast and I too cannot speak highly enough for the care we received there. I am going to try my hardest to do as Sarah asked and make the most of life.

AAgain, thankyou for your kind words xx

So so sorry to read this.  You must be devastated.  Sharon is right, its what we all fear and it really brings it to the fore when something like this happens.

All we can do ladies is support each other like we always do and grab life by the ***** and LIVE it.  

I personally don't know what I would have done without the support of you all and I'm glad that Sarah had such a wonderful friend as you Nicola.

I will remember you both in my prayers tonight.

Hugs, Cheryl,xxx


So sorry to hear this. RIP sweet lady x x x

I'm so sorry, it's what we all fear and hope will never happen.

My thoughts are with you, Sarah's friends and family at this sad time. 

We should all heed her advice to live - life can be far too short and we need to make the most of it!

Rest in peace Sarah.

Kirsty x



I have just read your posts, Im so sorry to hear you have lost a close and brave friend, everyone is right, this is a magnificant site, it has given me lots of information and hope too, the only thing us laides can do is learn from everyones experiences and try to make the best of our lives and try to give something back while we can. Wishing you the best recovery and care.

Love Cath

May 13 Abnormal smear July 13 1st (of many!) colposcopy, September 13 further colposopy and ultrasound, Dec 13 further colposcopy and ultrasound, 7th Jan LLETZ 4th Feb 13 Diagnosed with endometrial ca, 9th Feb MRI confirming 1a1, 6th March 14 Total Abdo hysterectomy, to date - told further adenomacarcinoma found in cervix 1b1 awiaiting lymph node procedure and radiotherapy

I am so sorry to hear your news. Take comfort in the fact that she had such a good friend to share the tough times with.

I will make sure I follow her mantra of LIVE LIVE LIVE.


All the very best. xx

So sorry to hear this news. Much love to you x

Thankyou so much ladies for all your kind words... your support means so much to me xx

i know some times has passed. I HOPE you are feeling less sad. 

i do plan on living the rest of my life in the best way i can. 

i know some times has passed. I HOPE you are feeling less sad. 

i do plan on living the rest of my life in the best way i can.