Sad, advice needed (children mentioned)


I'm feeling very low today, I'm 2 weeks post radical hysterectomy and found out yesterday that one, out of 14, lymph nodes came back positive so will need 6 weeks of chemo radiation in 4 weeks time, have to 6 weeks after the op. I'm so sad,I'm really thought that yesterday the results from the nodes would be clear as they were in January on the pet scan. I just feel I've given so much to this disease already, I am 34 and have 2 children, one with special needs which is stressful enough even though she is doing very well at the moment but the hysterectomy is hitting me now, the finality of it, i keep bursting into tears and just want it over so I can get back to being a happy mum, just finding it hard to be positive which I really have been since I was diagnosed in December, thought this treatment would be the surgery OR radiation not both, has anyone been through both and any tips for someone due to start the radiation? I'm worried 



Hi Sarah

So sorry to read what you are going through.  I was lucky not to go through both but Im sure someone will be along soon to offer help, support and advice.  I just wanted to send some hugs and to give some encouragement to keep pushing forward.  You have come so far already and have got lots to look forward to with your children after the treatment has been completed.

It is a very emotional time and I'm guessing most of us had times of crying during those first few weeks post op - I know I certainly did.  Bit by bit things will get better.

Wishing you lots of luck with your treatment, I hope it goes as well as it can for you.

Big hugs


Hi Sarah,I know exactly how you feel,I had the same op as you and had to have 5 weeks of the same treatment that you say you will be having,I kept bursting into tears it's only natural,your poor body has been just been through a major operation and it is hard trying to stay positive.The treatment affects everyone differently but you will get through it,if you get tired rest when you can and don't be afraid to ask for help from family and friends.At our hospital anyone having cancer treatments are entitled to free parking so ask about that at the treatment centre and also you are exempt from paying for prescriptions (nhs medical exemption certificate)you will need to get a form to fill in which lasts for 5 years,hope this has been useful,good luck and sending you a big hug, cj xx

Hello Sarah :-)

I was terribly upset after my rad hyst to be told I also had to go through 5 weeks of chemo-rads. I don't recall being tearful about it but I expect I was. That was all over three years ago now. I remain fit and well and I have difficulty in remembering the low times. It does get better in time. The combination of rad-hyst followed by chemo-rads does seem to be the best way to tell this horrible disease that it's not welcome in your body.

Be lucky



Thanks for the replies, good to hear you're doing well after it tivoli, nice to hear that. I'm in Ireland so we don't have the NHS bit I think there is a cap on how much you can pay per month or something like that. I have good family support who have been great during my recovery, mother in law has been amazing, over every morning at 7.30 getting the kids fed and dressed and off to school so I'm lucky. I think I'm just scared of it all. Hopefully one day I'll be replying to people like me now with a good story, thanks again

Hi Sarahflo,

So sorry to hear you are having to undergo more treatment than expected. It must be quite a blow to you.

I just wanted to send you a big hug and say I really hate this nasty disease. I've not walked your shoes, but if you can, try and think of every bit of treatment as being one step closer to kicking cancers butt, which you undoubtedly will. It sounds like you have a great team who are watching you like a hawk to make sure you have a full recovery.

Glad to hear you have such great help with your children, I expect you may need it for a while but hopefully soon you will be able to look back and be amazed at your strength and resilience.

Big hugs


I can only imagine how ur feeling xxx

Be brave. U will get through this,its just gonna take a bit longer.

Sending you lots of love, hugs and positive thoughts for when ur feeling sad xxx

Its ok to be sad. Its ok to cry x 

Hi Sarahflo im going through the same as you my treatment starts 4/5 - 3 of my lymph nodes positive after RH - has your treatment started yet?