Running after LLETZ

I’ve been diagnosed with CIN 2 and advised to have LLETZ treatment. The idea of no exercise for two weeks terrifies me. I’m really struggling with my mental health at the moment and running is one of the only things which helps. I run 30-40 miles a week so I am pretty experienced and fit - I would almost say that running doesn’t count as vigorous exercise for me. What I want to know is whether it genuinely has to be two weeks. Is that just a generalisation and if you take it easy and you know your limits you are okay? Or can I perhaps take 3-4 days off and then ease back in? Or is it an absolute firm rule not to run at all? I’m really scared of the impact on my mental health if I don’t have exercise to lean on.


I know how you feel, it´s hard! but LLETZ is a surgery procedure (even if minimal) and your body needs to heal. Many women feel tired and uncomfortable for a few weeks and that´s an indication rest is needed. My doctor told me 3-4 weeks without heavy exercise (and I´m used to exercising every day!), so I´d even say 2 weeks may be too optimistic.

You can still walk and get fresh air any way, try to listen to your body and get the rest you need. Otherwise, your recovery may take longer and you could get an infection,

Take care x

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I was worried about this too but you really must rest after the procedure. I continued to walk instead of running for 2 weeks, then started my normal routine again. I don’t run much though. If you exercise heavily I would suggest you start again gradually. You need to give your body the best chance to heal well before you put any strain on it. I know it’s hard but you’ll get through it. Xx


Hey LW991!

I am now 8 weeks post LLETZ treatment and this was one of the hardest things for me too. I run roughly 20 miles a week and I too struggled when they told me I needed to rest for at least 2-3 weeks. I asked whether I could start running any earlier then that and they advised I could try a light jog and if I started bleeding heavily then I must stop. They also told me that brisk walking was fine.

Week 1 - The first week I tried keeping up my activity with just the walking. The first few days took me by surprise as I didn’t expect that even the walking would make me tired, but it actually did.

Week 2 - By week two, I was feeling less tired after my daily walks. I still tried to get at least 10,000 steps in a day and my pace was now feeling more like a brisk walk which I couldn’t manage on week one! It was like my mind was active and willing to start working out but my body really did need the rest.

Week 3 - I too was expecting to start introducing running back in within 2-3 weeks but I had to listen to my body. With only just being able to manage the brisk walking a week before, I decided not to start running again yet. The last thing I wanted to do was to delay the healing process any more. The walking helped with my mental health a lot and although I just wanted to get back to running like I did prior to treatment, I knew that it wasn’t going to be forever and I only had to hold out a little longer.

Week 4 - I started easing back into my running routine. The first day back I ran 5K and I did actually feel some pelvic pains after my run. Looking back now, I probably should have went with even a shorter distance. Even by week 4, I felt that I couldn’t have started running any earlier without feeling the affects of it or possibly delaying the healing process.

Week 5/6 - By this week, I felt like I was back to my level of running fitness. I also do yoga and strength training but I had not introduced those back into my fitness routine just yet as I didn’t want to shock my body after a month of just brisk walking!

I am now going on 9 weeks post LLETZ and I am back to my normal exercise routine. It went quicker than I thought it would as it was terrifying at the beginning to know that I would be out of my routine for so long!

Sorry about the long post, but thought I would share my experience. Of course everybody is different, everyone recovers differently and everyone has their own unique experience with this. But what I can say to you is - listen to your body. The last thing you want to do is prolong your healing and you’re out of running even longer.

You’ve got this, stay strong and you’ll be back to running miles in no time xxx


Hi ladies!

I was diagnosed with CIN1 last year and had my smear test 2 weeks ago & im waiting for my results. I am absolutely convinced I’m going to have CIN 2 / CIN 3 and have to have a LLETZ procedure, which I’m terrified of as I also have a major hospital phobia and was crying/ having a panic attack at the last colposcopy.

If I get my results soon and have to have a LLETZ it will probably be April/ May time. But I also run like you ladies. I have a 24 hour relay trail run in July and then my first ever marathon (Berlin marathon) the last week of September. What do you think my chances are of being able to complete these event if I need a LLETZ in April/ May time? I’ve been reading all of you running experiences so far from last year but I’m really getting worried now.


I do Zumba twice a week but it was 3 weeks before I went back. Just listened to my body but was desperate to get back to it! never thought I would say that about exercise xx

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I had my procedure 4 weeks ago and have been back to running in the past two weeks with no issue. I went skiing after 8 days and was crampy with some fatigue, but nothing excessive.

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There is a great facebook group on lletz just search it up. So useful

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